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  1. In the ending it should be like
  2. Maybe I'm missing the point, but...
  3. Does anyone know the Tomb Raider 2012 font?
  4. 3D support?
  5. Interesting notes from twitter
  6. 15-Year Celebration
  7. Tomb Raider Themed XBOX360 GIVEAWAY
  8. Would you Buy a limited edition TR 360?
  9. The Crystal Habit Monthly #3
  10. So i guess it confirms it....
  11. what kind of commercial do you want for TR 2012?
  12. Community Event in Germany - My Opinion
  13. do you think the teaser, isthe first cinematic?
  14. What separates other action adventure games from Tomb Raider?
  15. I'm new to this lol. Lara's character progression
  16. Your TReboot sales predictions
  17. Hate and love Legend Lara
  18. Why do people say new Lara is weak compared to classic Lara??
  19. Square Enix Next-Gen Engine
  20. [Private Video] - Tomb Raider YouTube page?
  21. Tomb Raider Community Event in London
  22. Tomb Raider "II" for next-gen consoles?
  23. Steam "Weekend Deal" celebrating the 15th Anniversary with 2/3rds off the TR Trilogy!
  24. I don't this game to be like "The Sims 2 Castaway"
  25. Soundtrack
  26. The Wizard of Oz Parallels (possible spoilers!)
  27. Super Bowl??
  28. Yet Another Tomb Raider 2012 and Hunger Games Comparison
  29. Lara appearance in The Simpsons Game (DS)
  30. Voice Actress Announcement Coming Soon! (Discussion!)
  31. TRC Ireland Lara and Reboot Lara
  32. New Lara inspired by... Lady Gaga!?
  33. What will it play like? Gameplay footage dissection...
  34. Karl you damn crazy-ass tease
  35. Crystal Habit Podcast #4
  36. fourth podcast
  37. Tomb Raider Themed XBOX360 GIVEAWAY #2
  38. So... does anyone know what kind of monsters we will be seeing in the new game?
  39. Someone remove that blip and get the new character's name!
  40. I am a still bit unhappy about the moaning
  41. No swimming?!
  42. GRGRT - Get Rid of Get Rid of Threads!
  43. Awkward moment of realization...
  44. Tomb Raider 9 is a new series of Tomb Raider?
  45. A Last Revelation?
  46. Bra Size?
  47. Naughty Dog "honored" by Tomb Raider's new direction
  48. Looks like Laras clothes aren't too unfashionable after all...
  49. Do you think TR might be developed by someone else one day?
  50. How will she look in the end?
  51. Music During Gameplay?
  52. Lara Croft and the reinvention of game heroes
  53. Archeologists Kublai Khan’s 13th-century “lost fleet”
  54. Estimated System Requirement for TR 2012 ?
  55. So good to know CD won't repeat Uncharted's core flaw in TReboot
  56. Tomb Raider's Installation Size For Consoles - What's your guess?
  57. Lossless audio for the PS3 version?
  58. the BOW on lara's shoulder
  59. What do you think can Lara do during "Idle Mode"?
  60. IGN - Best trailer contest (Facebook needed)
  61. do you like the new lara 2012 ???
  62. The writer & the artist
  63. Spike TV's Video Game Awards 2011 (hopefully TReboot-relevant)
  64. Gaaaaaah!
  65. The Redemption of Lara Croft
  66. Main Theme Confirmed!
  67. Tomb Raider 2012/Uncharted factory (Spoiler)
  68. A Survivor is Born artwork anniversary
  69. If each one of us donates $103 US dollars...
  70. More human Lara
  71. Lara in NFS RUN XD
  72. Signed Tomb Raider Print for a good cause!
  73. Composer Clue?
  74. Would you be interested to find out who are Lara's friend?
  75. What?
  76. Tomb Raider and the future
  77. Lara Croft and few others in Saints Row: The Third
  78. Is it new?
  79. Lara's clock utility
  80. GIANT Roth render, anyone?
  81. Next up, meet the team from Crystal Dynamics
  82. Last one tonight, Tomb Raider 15 GIANT-STYLE-LIKE
  83. Do you guys think that Lara will have company by someone on the Island?
  84. Will it warrant a midnight release?
  85. The Next Tomb Raider
  86. Will you drop whatever game you're playing..
  87. The Crystal Habit Monthly: Fix #4
  88. Tomb Raider's New M-Rating
  89. Tomb Raider Relics That Need to Stay Buried
  90. I've Got the Power!
  91. Wolves playing a greater role in the game Theory
  92. xbox 360 TR 2-nd give away winner ?
  93. Tomb Raider Trilogy media
  94. Is Peta going to be an issue?
  95. VOTE!!! TReboot trailer nominated for Trailer of the Year @ VGAs!
  96. Tomb Raider coming to a McDonald's near you?
  97. Tomb Raider Script
  98. The whole Spike in Lara's side bit!!!!!
  99. Tomb Raider without mansion = Flop
  100. What does these symbols mean?
  101. The crystal habit podcast: Episode 5
  102. Gamestop And Amazon List Release Date As 12/31/2012
  103. Please don't shoot me for this .... Observation
  104. Natives/Inhabitants sacrificed and transformed into monsters
  105. Brian Horton Discuss Lara's new model design.
  106. Survival Horror? Really?
  107. White Ledges Replaced by Red Ones?
  108. I wonder where...
  109. Tomb Raider and 2012 ("end of the world")?
  110. Will you forget about other TR games after playing TR 2012?
  111. Anyone else notice this?
  112. Lara Croft in a Sony Brawl?
  113. Expectations from Crystal Dynamics
  114. Hand-to-hand combat
  115. Nudity
  116. Would you ever be ok with Lara having a love life?
  117. How far Can CD go with the mature rating within context of the story?
  118. ´I Am Alive´- quite some similarities to Tomb Raider...
  119. If any bands sponsored Tomb Raider?
  120. Focusing on animal enemies
  121. TOMB RAIDER 15th Anniversary - Screensaver
  122. What is Tomb Raider?
  123. Amelia Croft?
  124. Fall 2012 (Sept onwards) release date. Still got the patience?
  125. Could something happening soon?
  126. Wanna know if there'll be new TReboot trailer at the VGAs?
  127. Exploring the island: Arkham style (gadgets/upgrading thread)
  128. Weight Limit or Limited Space?
  129. Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai Mountain
  130. Q1, Q2, Q3 or Q4?
  131. Another Location thread!
  132. The Crystal Habit Monthly #5: VGA Nomination, Movember Conclusion, And Contests Galor
  133. Tomb Raider and 3D Vision
  134. Ces 2012
  135. UK PSM to unveil new info next month!!!
  136. German magazine at 15-page, and new details coming
  137. Will lara eventually give up for a short time?
  138. 2 in 1: Swedish magazine LEVEL (June), and boss fights
  139. What if Lara never became a killer?
  140. New Magazines, New Stuff Maybe?
  141. Lara headphones
  142. Lara has no backpack?
  143. Interview with Meagen Marie
  144. The Opening of The Game
  145. The storyline after this game
  146. How would Lara react now... back then?
  147. Er... New wallpaper, I guess.
  148. Tomb Raider E3 trailer was nominated at GT Awards for "Best Trailer"
  149. Plane crash?
  150. Will the New Lara Be Iconic again without her Dual Pistols?
  151. OXM Preview: Tomb Raider
  152. Things that are old, new and discarded.
  153. Piggyback or Prima Game Guide Books?
  154. EGM Interview of Karl Stewart and Darrell Gallagher
  155. Are other games doing the cinematic thing better?
  156. I would love a Tomb Raider game like....
  157. Smell-O-Vision
  158. tomb raider 8 cost
  159. TOMB RAIDER 2012 Inspired by King Kong game? Discussion.
  160. Gamesmaster's 2012 TR Poster
  161. Tomb Raider one of most anticipated games of 2012
  162. New Images?
  163. Tomb Raider Meagan Marie interview
  164. In my h O
  165. Ways to kill Lara
  166. How long will Lara wait for her next Adventure?
  167. CVG's Games of 2012: Tomb Raider
  168. TR new infos in the Play Magazine?
  169. IGN/GT list TR as one of many BIG GAMES of 2012
  170. Tomb Raider Tribute Thread
  171. Would you like this much space to explore in a Tomb Raider game?
  172. Most Anticipated 2012 Games - Lara's First!
  173. Erasing the old games
  174. Enemies: scavangers and wolves, or there are more?
  175. TOMB RAIDER General Discussion Thread
  176. Tomb Raider Delayed to 2013?
  177. Question about bow and arrows!
  178. Tomb Raider Demo...
  179. TR & Combat
  180. Which menu style do you want for the game?
  181. Why Japan?
  182. Become A Real-World Adventurer with Crystal Dynamics & Geocaching.com
  183. Biggest Disappointments in TR History
  184. Disapears
  185. Strange Triangle effects on island...
  186. Renaming Conrad Roth
  187. Is Lara gracing the cover of EDGE #238 next month?
  188. Wake up CD!
  189. Dual Pistols, Crossbow and Pick Axe Lara's new Trademark weapons?
  190. Previously Unheard Soundtrack!...well, kind of
  191. Had CD not rebooted
  192. Favorite Tomb Raider Model?
  193. TOMB RAIDER | IGN: Five Games That Could Go Either Way in 2012
  194. Didn't CD wanna do this exact game instead of Legend?
  195. Have YOU understood the heavynes of the reboot...
  196. Karl Stewart dev Q&A #1
  197. Exclusive dev Q&A session on eidosforums
  198. 2013
  199. Tomb Raider Trivia Contest #4
  200. Sixth Crystal Habit podcast!
  201. Would you Rather?
  202. Restriction for this forum?
  203. OXM: No sex in new Tomb Raider, combat system reveal at E3 2012
  204. List of Upcoming events for Tomb Raider (2012)
  205. What about the children??
  206. Tomb Raider Uncharted Crossover
  207. Does Tomb Raider Have Enjoyable Platforming?
  208. How Tomb-Croft-Crazed Are You?
  209. Vote for TReboot in GameTrailers.com's Most Anticipated Game of 2012!!!
  210. All about Tomb Raider !
  211. Can the New TR game survive without Multi-Player?
  212. All-Time Favorite Boss of the Tomb Raiders
  213. What could be the 'iconic moments' in TOMB RAIDER you think?
  214. Favorite Tomb Raider Theme?
  215. If I Start Playing at 8am, Will I Finish it around 7 pm?
  216. Crystal Dynamics Confirms Tomb Raider Alpha Status
  217. New stuff finally coming?
  218. The Next Big Secret
  219. TR info that was on VGCharts
  220. TReboot in GameTrailers's Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2012
  221. potential new info?
  222. Screenshoots Leaked
  223. Tomb Raider Makes The List For GT User's Choice Countdown
  224. Is this Tomb Raider
  225. Shall Lara remain a...well rounded character?
  226. Things Lara should hang on to
  227. Choses change story or continue of game
  228. Do you dress your...
  229. Should cutscenes have letterbox bars?
  230. Lara Croft's new personality
  231. Why do you currently like Tomb Raider?
  232. What makes Iconic moments iconic?
  233. Tomb Raider on iheartradio
  234. The one thing you truly want most
  235. A real life 'Tomb Raider' treasure hunt?
  236. What would you like the cover of tomb raider to be . ?
  237. When would we be able to see a new demo?
  238. TR vs Skyrim..!!
  239. [Idea] Lara's Birthday
  240. Is Lara's birthday the same?
  241. Lara Croft on UGO's 99 Hottest Fictional Women of 2012
  242. Is Croft Manor relevent to the series anymore?
  243. Tasks/ Structure
  244. Lara's Lovelife
  245. Crystal Habit #7
  246. Is There A Connection?
  247. Dear Esther-Atmosphere
  248. Time for another theory...
  249. weird dreams rergarding tomb raider2012
  250. Describe what you think would be...