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  1. Revive the old features of TRL + combine with Underworld's?
  2. This time around i want a complete change
  3. Compitition Ideas to build TR9 hype...
  4. Would it be cool...
  5. Ring or PDA inventory?
  6. A Change of Pace?
  7. First Game On New Consoles Cursed?
  8. The Voice Actress Pattern
  9. Square Enix FMV's and Ingame Graphics
  10. Tomb Raider at E3?
  11. Should Tomb Raider IX play and look anything like this Beyond Good & Evil 2 footage?
  12. Eidos life pres hypes TR9: "It will make you say 'Oh Lara, I love you so much!'"
  13. Gunshot wounds!
  14. What will the TR9 Logo look like?
  15. Games that Tomb Raider should learn from
  16. why does Crystal Dynamics want to keep the 'T' raing for TR games? it seems stupid
  17. Define "Mature"
  18. Do You Think Spoilers Can Make A Game Less Enjoyable?
  19. revealing outfits?
  20. If Zip dies, how do you want him to die
  21. The Seventh Age...2012?
  22. News of the World: Can it really be sayonara Lara?
  23. Future Tomb Raider Games moved to Forum Summary Page
  24. End of lara?
  25. Kurtis Trent coming back?
  26. Tomb Raider Being Bought AGAIN??!?!?!
  27. Whats wrong with you Talented People
  28. Innovating or Not, that's the question
  29. An Idea for the Next Game (Please Comment)
  30. Why is Lara so important?
  31. Lara's Motivation
  32. Laraverse round-up: Tomb Raider dev house is 43rd world's most successful game studio
  33. Lara and the Government?
  34. Wouldn't it be absolutely stunning if....
  35. A little something that could kill this CDvsCore crap.
  36. Is Keeley Hawes still gonna do Lara?
  37. Lara screams like a man
  38. Eidos CEO to TRF: "I think some consumers think we don’t care"
  39. Ian Livingstone - "Re-imagining of Lara Croft"
  40. Team Lara lists “Unnanounced Project”; Buzz Monkey readies for “next smash success”
  41. The Music of TR9
  42. Need more bugs, insects and cockroaches in TR9 tombs
  43. Has Lara Croft passed her sell-by date?
  44. Strobe light and moving parts. A new possibility.
  45. Cutting off Lara's death :(
  46. Multi-Disc Levels & Fully Destructable Enviroments
  47. Pictures of new manor
  48. Tomb Raider 9 : The Way It Was Planned *IMPORTANT*
  49. Colin O'Malley on possible involvement in 'Raider 9
  51. Megalodon
  52. Tomb raider 9 confirmed in the works!
  53. For Crystal Dynamics - How to make the Perfect Tomb Raider Game
  54. Include a knife please
  55. Field assistance? Yay or Ney?
  56. What are Crystal Dynamics doing right?
  57. Lara Croft Exagerated
  58. Realism in Tomb Raider. What's your preferences?
  59. New Engine or Not?
  60. bigger environments make the game harder?
  61. The colors of Lara
  62. Different Pathways.
  63. Tomb Raider meant to be a simulation?
  64. Is it time for a new Health System ?
  65. What was the point of the "white ledges"?
  66. Breaking The Tradition Of Infinite Ammo?
  67. Maybe it's time a new developers takeover
  68. Do you think these days, we exaggerate on the story too much?
  69. No more playor tailoring or difficulty settings!
  70. Unanswered Questions and References from the 'Triology'
  71. Should the Doppelganger get a spin off?
  72. Enviromental ledges and shimmering
  73. Old vs New: "Vets" need to embrace, or leave.
  74. Lara's Tech
  75. Combat: Why the next Tomb Raider should have 0% of it
  76. Closing of "Old vs New" thread
  77. Lara on the move - vehicles in future TR games
  78. Bring back the old health and oxygen bars?
  79. What are the ways to attract new fans to the franchise?
  80. RPG style Tomb Raider?
  81. the story writer
  82. Tomb Raider 9 Modding thred
  83. How old will Lara be in TR9? (Realistically)
  84. What Tombraider really needs desperately.
  85. failed Tomb Raider 9 trailer prank resulting in thread closure
  86. A Quiz about Core vs Crystal
  87. Thread of Absolutely Brilliant Ideas
  88. Are we wasting our breath?
  89. Tomb Raider Traditions that should never be removed
  90. Random Water Pools In Levels
  91. The Consoles that you want Future Tomb Raider games to be available for
  92. Does Lara Croft need a makeover GREENPIXELS (article)
  93. Tihocan and Qualopec back?
  94. my story plot of new tomb raider
  95. Kurtis...?
  96. Just a thought for TR9 - Pause Game while still Moving
  97. Spin-off games...
  98. Concept for an Open-World Tomb Raider
  99. Crystal Dynamics, where is Lara's kitchen and WC?
  100. Tomb Raider Level Tournament -- Final Round
  101. Make things simple.
  102. No more DLC.
  103. Thigh Holsters and Thunder Calves
  104. Did anyone else notice Underworld's release date?
  105. Fatigue factor in a diferent way.
  106. Never before seen vehicles in TR9
  107. Continuity: relevant or not ?
  108. Now Square Enix will Milk Eidos to Death-Article
  109. Natural size. Peter Pan size, Molecular size. Others. Combinations.
  110. Lara's tic
  111. TR9 next year? & stopping rushing TR!
  112. What do you think will the TR9 Trailer look like?
  113. Square-enix buys maybe eidos!
  114. Should Lara have a Machete?
  115. what kind of scary do you want?
  116. Future Animations
  117. Which voice actress is your favorite?
  118. Conversations You Think We'll Be Having In A Few Years Time
  119. Piranhas?
  120. Lara should have similar combat moves as the doppelganger.
  121. Name everything you want in the next TR game.
  122. Explore more possibilities with the Adrenaline Meter.
  123. lets organze things about the next game
  124. Tomb Raider: The lost Isle Of Kronos (my Idea for the next game)
  125. Picture the TR Logo
  126. Environments you'd like to see..
  127. Future games will possibly hav M rating
  128. [SURVEY] What if TR had a cover-based combat system and auto-aim at the same time?
  129. New Enemies?
  130. I soooo want this for a TR9 level......
  131. Human enemies set up camp...
  132. Who missed Tomb Raider Legend's "Aerial Assault"?
  133. The Media for the next game
  134. What would YOU like to see in the next TR game?
  135. (My Idea) Tomb Raider 9
  136. My idea for the next Tomb Raider and What I'd Like To See :)
  137. Did anyone see the Splinter Cell Conviction demo at E3 09? If so, enter thread....
  138. Any News About TR IX?
  139. Come on, announce the title already!
  140. Post a menu......
  141. Tomb Raider IX to use Project Natal?
  143. The Start Out Menu
  144. No PS2 Version...PLEASE!
  145. Final Fantasy XIII any indication of Tomb Raider IX's graphical quality?
  146. DS version of TR9?
  147. I want the start menu Lara back!
  148. what do u want lara to look like in the new 1 ? age, looks blah blah blah ...
  149. Animals in Tomb Raider
  150. when do you want it released?
  151. And Action, CUT CUT CUT
  152. Cliches in Storytelling, General TR Plot Discussion
  153. It looks like we might be seeing a new developer...
  154. Unlockable Mansion
  155. take gameplay from infamous for next game
  156. femal friendly Lara Croft: good or bad?
  157. Square-Enix and Eidos to collaborate on IPs?
  158. Climate???
  159. Your Lara Croft
  160. Few Ideas...
  161. Hand to Hand Combat
  162. What's your fave Lara Croft?
  163. What are the chances of TRIX to be your ideal TR game?
  164. Post Pictures of Levels and Enemies in TR9
  165. Keep/Change Health System?
  166. How would you feel about having one temple ONLY?
  167. instint death traps and enemies?
  168. Why is this Important to You
  169. The Unknown Coutdown to TR9...
  170. Active time gameplay in TR9
  171. Two Laras?
  172. Free-climbing - and uncharted's take on it...
  173. Let's ditch the grapple...
  174. Crystal Dynamics staffing up for 'AAA franchise.
  175. Toby Gard now officially Lead Designer of TRIX!!!
  176. Lara meets Drake?
  177. final fantasy 13 example of tomb raider figures
  178. Dinosuars are extinct in the Tomb Raider world..
  179. Release for TR9
  180. Adrenaline Moments
  181. Unannounced Project Maybe something to do with the Doppleganger?
  182. good news for Tomb Raider Gamer
  183. story tie-ins with future TR's?
  184. What makes Tomb Raider...Tomb Raider?
  185. The way that the game demo should be released.
  186. Alternate endings?
  187. The Next Tomb Raider Needs Some Controversy...
  188. The Tombs are alive with the sound of Music!
  189. Classic Outfit
  190. Future DLC
  191. Requesting a Poll please
  192. A TR5 level > Full game
  193. Storyline for TR9, which would be amazing
  194. How about Vampires?
  195. DirectX 10 for TR9
  196. RPG Elements?
  197. Classic mode?
  198. Will TR9 have support for multiplayer/online play?
  199. TR9 on PS2?
  200. Lara and the Doppelganger... a team?
  201. still waiting for a next gen lara?
  202. Tomb Raider 9 -- Deathmatch?
  203. Can we get the scaryness back?
  204. What about seeing little little Lara again?
  205. If they do make a PS2, Wii, DS and PSP version....
  206. Has the Tomb Raider franchise 'cheapened' itself?
  207. Which Character would you like to see return the most if any???
  208. What would you're ultimate Bad Guy be???
  209. Could you see Lara here?
  210. What Weapons?
  211. Return of pitch black (or at least very dark) darkness to some areas in TR9?
  212. Big Leaps And Bounds.
  213. Classic classic classic? I thought TR9 was supposed to be "fresh"?
  214. How long do you think the TR franchise is going to last?
  215. way's to improve combat
  216. Your dream Tomb Raider game?
  217. Anniversary Lara?
  218. How will the Tomb Raider franchise end?
  219. an american lara? public reactions?
  220. Tomb Raider Fans ENTER!!!
  221. Just An Assumption, Tomb Raider : Anniversay II
  222. Manor Hedge Maze
  223. Welcome to my home. I'll give you a guided tour...
  224. Tomb Raide series is so damn PLAYED OUT !!
  225. Swearing
  226. Things that will improve and others that will decline in the next TR game
  227. Extreme Sports the answer to Ledge-Laden Boredom?
  228. Oh God! Please CD make TR2-3 'Anniversaries'!!
  229. Come on, be honest, who'd be excited if they...
  230. Puzzles.....???
  231. Along with the next game...
  232. New Chronicles?
  233. Enemy Variety
  234. Whose genuinely rooting for toby?
  235. Will TR10 budget be big enough to compete?
  236. Lara is a Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas
  237. The Grid - Why Not?
  238. Lara deserves a better man
  239. If Santa cruz games does make another DS version.....
  240. What Ancient Civilization should we take on next?
  241. No spoilers, no information leaks, no story give-aways before TR9 is released.
  242. A Light in the Dark
  243. Enemies: More Humans, More Animals, or more Mythical Creatures?
  244. Create Your Ideal Trap
  245. Online Tomb Raider
  246. HOW To Make TR Scary
  247. Vue7 for Tomb Raider IX! Natural 3D Environments!
  248. What Lara has become???
  249. Rating, what a stupid thing!
  250. they need o work on Replay Value.