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23-06-07, 18:14
I know this will probably get moved to fan art, but it is TRA related... ;)

Can anyone make me an animated gif to use as an avatar of lara swimming at the camera in a corner of the pool in the gym??? Preferably in the exercise outfit and wearing glasses. :D It just looks hilarious her popping her head up and down and looped! :vlol: It would go great with my new signature... :whi: (kind of like I'm drowning her for the bad camera :mis:)

Please PM me if you make one for me so I know to look for it. MANY thanks in advance... :hug:

Tomb Raider Master
23-06-07, 19:24
Why didn't you post it in Fan Art section in the first place then? ;)

Thread moved.

23-06-07, 20:04
Only because it is TRA footage needed for the gif... ;) but I knew it would end up here... :D

23-06-07, 20:09
Is it even possible to have an animated gif which is under 5 kb? I tried making one a few days ago, and I couldn't even get it below 15 kb. :hea:

(Sorry, this is kind of :off:, I know. :o)

23-06-07, 20:09
Some particular outfit???
swimming or diving? :p

24-06-07, 10:34
Hi tampi! :hug: Can you give it a go??? :jmp: Swimming on the surface, facing the corner by the door to the gym, facing the camera, in the pool of the gym, in the exercise outfit with glasses on. Just want the head bobbing out of the water and back in again. Just loop her going up and down once. Looks like she's gasping for air, like I'm dunking her to punish her for the bad camera in TRA... :mis: I'd do it but I play on PS2 so can't get the animation on my computer... :(

26-06-07, 23:36
Nobody wanna help a guy out??? :(