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star girl
26-06-07, 14:09
I do think this belongs here, anyway...

OK, I have to make some pics, and I have a JPEG file, I need to put in a PNG artwork on the JPEG file, then ultimately store it as a JPEG file. Now, all my PNG files are opened in Photoshop, and I I can't find a way to make the artwork appear on the JPEG image - :( Can any one help me? :(

26-06-07, 14:13
If it's opened in PS then image formats don't matter; just copy-paste and save it as JPEG or as you want... Open both JPEG, PNG image file > copy part of PNG > paste over JPEG image > save.

star girl
26-06-07, 14:17
that's the problem, Paint doesn't open PNG files... :( I try it on Photoshop, and it doesn't copy there :confused:

26-06-07, 14:36
I think Paint Shop Pro 8 and above will manage this for no time. Open the .jpeg file, then open the .png file, select the whole within the .png, and then simply copy it, paste it over the .jpeg where U want to, and "save as". The program supports many formats, so U can choose from others too. I'm using it and it's perfect.
But I guess that Photo Shop can do this either. If it can't so I think your file is corrupted.

star girl
26-06-07, 14:44
No, it's definitely not corrupted, I got it from a reliable source ... :)

I'll try and see if I can download Paint Shop 8 then.. Thanks! :wve:

EDIT: Done! :jmp: Thanks you guys! :hug: