View Full Version : Adding OGG Files to the WMP Library?

26-06-07, 18:07
I've had a bit of trouble adding OGG music files to my windows media player library.

So far I've tried dragging and dropping files directly into the library and I've also tried the automatic "add to library" feature which is supposed to automatically add any new music files to the library?

Any suggestions? :confused:

26-06-07, 18:10
You might have no OGG codec installed.

Install XP Codec Pack (http://www.xpcodecpack.com/).

26-06-07, 18:15
Hmm...I did take the precaution of downloading a codec but I'll check out this one...

*downloading now*...

Whilst I'm waiting I should add that the files play fine and they do open up in WMP, they just won't actually add to the library.

Edit: Nope, that codec didn't solve the problem.

28-06-07, 10:45
Any suggestions about where might be a good place to ask about this problem?

28-06-07, 17:35
Damn WMP and use WinAmp (http://www.winamp.com/download) for FREE :)
There are some problems connected with Vorbis OGG format - MS is just putting usual sticks in others' wheels ;)

28-06-07, 21:42
Ahh I see now, that's typical of microsoft :(

Thanks a lot for your help with this :tmb: