View Full Version : TR1 Lara Makeover Results!

26-06-07, 18:07

1st Place: larARNIE [58 points!]

2nd Place: Mixu the Finnish Final Fanntasy Fanatic [54 points] 1 (http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g22/mickiz/Laralesca.jpg)
3rd Place: Chocolate [35 points] 2 (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v295/Isis27/02-6.jpg)
4th Place: Gloriosa [34 points] 1 (http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w136/Gloriosity/LaraSimpson.jpg)
5th Place: Mermaid Lara [30 points] 1 (http://img177.imageshack.us/img177/8819/tombraideri05rw6.png)

Wow! Such a close contest! Everyone else did really well with lots of points, but I can only fit in the top five and these are who they are…

[if you really want to know your score then give me a PM]

But larANIE’s Spicy Tomb Raiders win this contest. So congrats larARNIE, and well done to everyone else to entered! larARNIE will be deciding the next Tomb Raider character to be given a makeover for the next contest. Will you be the winner of the next contest? Stay tuned…

26-06-07, 18:14
Damn.. so close. This finnish final fantasy fanatic hasn't given up on yet :D

Congratulations LarARNIE :tmb: Great entries everyone!

Sara Croft
26-06-07, 18:15
:DROFL! Gratz! Lovely entries :D

26-06-07, 18:27
Wow the winner sure deserved it!:D
Bloody ace!!!
Congrats! \m/

26-06-07, 18:28
Lol Lara is a fan of the Spice Girls!

larson n natla
26-06-07, 18:42
go everyone :D

26-06-07, 18:45
LOL! the most enjoyable entry won! :tmb: this is so funny! How did u thought of it? :vlol:

26-06-07, 21:07
Congrats! :)

26-06-07, 23:25
Congratulations LarArnie. And to everyone else who entered.

27-06-07, 00:18
Congratulations LarArnie! :tmb: Posh with Lara's face looks like Micheal Jackson though... =/

27-06-07, 05:54
LOL! the most enjoyable entry won! :tmb: this is so funny! How did u thought of it? :vlol:

Well i mixed two of my favorite things...the spice girls although long gone(can't wait for the reunion tour) and tomb raider!
I'm stunned with desbelief, but excited! Thanks everyone!!

P.S farely new to this i have no idea who's been made-over already...suggestions??

27-06-07, 07:45
can i just put it to the record "spice lara" not a good idea

Jack Croft
27-06-07, 07:47
Amazing Winner! It deserved it the Spice girls are great :tmb: :p

Alex Fly
27-06-07, 10:35
Congrats to the winners ! :tmb:

27-06-07, 10:59
Wonderful Work!!:tmb:

Lara Croft!
27-06-07, 11:40
Congratulations to all!!! Esp to the winner!

Laras Backpack
27-06-07, 12:51
Wow! Great stuff :tmb: Congratulations everyone!

Legend Killer
27-06-07, 13:29
Congrats guys :tmb:

27-06-07, 18:44
Hey. Congrats to you all.:)

27-06-07, 18:51
Congrats to the winners.I can't wait to see what's next:)

27-06-07, 19:01
LMAO! I love that picture! Congrats! :tmb:

27-06-07, 20:29
Congrats, LarARNIE! Absolutely brilliant work! :tmb:

Congrats to the rest of the winners too! :tmb:

27-06-07, 21:44
Congratulations,Lararnie!It was a really original work!

And a special congrats to Chocolate,because I loved he works :)!

27-06-07, 23:57
I wish I thought of that.

28-06-07, 14:13
4th? Seriously? I was in the top 5? I didn’t see that one coming. :jmp:
Congratulations to the other winners, especially larARNIE's Spice Girls (who I normally detest) entry :D

28-06-07, 15:46
Well don't give up Mixu - maybe next round you'll get first place...

Ah, my dear Gloriosa. If I remember correctly you are pretty much always in the top five! You'll probably get 1st place sometime as well. :D I'll be creating the next makeover thread maybe Saturday, or Sunday, or Monday...but definately not today or tomorow. :(

23-12-07, 07:45
Wow, I'm surprised I made it to the top 5, thank you everyone!
Congrats to everyone and "Spice Laras" definitley deserved this!!

23-12-07, 08:45
DUDE, do you have any idea how OLD this thread is??? :yik:

23-12-07, 08:48
Congratz everyone!:)

23-12-07, 10:50
Wow,very nice!! :tmb: :yah:

23-12-07, 12:33
everyone did so well! congratulations to all! :tmb: :wve:

23-12-07, 12:37
My my, what's with all these old threads being bumped lately?

Only TR lover
23-12-07, 13:26
:vlol: Great work :tmb:

23-12-07, 13:55
Congratz, everyone!! :tmb: :D :jmp: