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10-06-03, 20:54
I was just over in the movie forum and got to thinking about what someone said....

Do you guys think its better for a movie to be based from a video game or is it better for the video game be based on a movie.

One example I can think of are the Matrix video games. Has anyone played the game? If so were you dissappointed it wasn't more like the movie?

10-06-03, 21:07
You walk a very fine line in this type of situation. Because in a movie/game combo like the matrix, the actors/actresses did voice overs for the game, they even shot special scenes just for the video game. The movie and video game are tightly interwoven.

IMO TR1 was an okay movie (it suffered from a lack of script), it brought Lara Croft to the part of the public that may have never played the game much less known who lara croft was, and it made lara real. With TR2 they are going to expand on this premise and make her a more rounded and a more in depth character than what we saw in TR1.

IMO if they do a movie of any video game, they need to bring aspects of the game into the movie, but they must also implement a certain amount of realism. In most movies the star for some reason has this infinite amount of ammo :rolleyes: but in TR Lara had to reload every now and then. Here we see, A) an aspect of the game (twin 45s) and then B) implemention of realism.

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Maureen Errant
10-06-03, 21:13
I thought her character was shallow. I enjoyed the movie though, she played her character very close to the game; not too much dialogue.

10-06-03, 22:38
I dont really mind, just as long as they are done well.