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27-06-07, 15:38
Anyone else got Kelly Clarksons new album here? :)

I think its excellent. Maybe not as catchy ast Breakaway, but I really love quite a few songs on it.

My fav songs are Haunted, Sober, Irvine, Hole and Never Again :D

27-06-07, 15:40
oooh another kelly C album :D
I have always liked her style:tmb: Maybe i will check it out :)

27-06-07, 15:49
I think its more.. rockier. Its not as commerical either. Its got quite a raw sound. :D

Lonely Istari
27-06-07, 17:05
I really like Kelly Clarkson! :tmb: I don't have this new album, didn't even know there was a new one! But I will definitely be checking it out. Thanks for the info!