View Full Version : What's a good, easy-to-use video editing program?

29-06-07, 22:18
I have Windows Movie Maker but that crashes on me so often I'm ending the program more than I am actually using it. I've heard Sony Vegas is pretty good. What are some other video editing programs out there that don't crash every 10-20 seconds (no I'm not kidding).

29-06-07, 22:19
I know how you feel. Windows crashes so much, but I've gotten used to it.

29-06-07, 23:33
Sony Vegas - The best to use! :D
Its simply amazing, and easy to use. ;)


29-06-07, 23:34
Vegas and Premiere are the ones I've tried and they're both good ^^ I work on Vegas though.

30-06-07, 00:43

Agreed on Premiere. Fairly easy to use and gets the job done.