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Summer Competition - Fanfiction

End date July 30th, 2007 (21:00 forum time). End date may change.


* Limit of entires: 1
* Size limit: 1500 (recommended), 2000 (maximum)
* Theme: Tomb Raider
* You can't edit your entry post after posting it (otherwise PM me)
* You can only participate with your own work.
* Participants cannot enter a wallpaper that has been previously published (anywhere on the Internet; It would be better if it's totally fresh work, but it would still be ok to enter with a work posted here like a few days ago, so not too old one).*ALL participants MUST vote!

larson n natla
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So i cant enter my old sereis of fan-fics :confused: reads the edit DAMN lol

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Changed to... (anywhere on the tomb raider forums) That should be more sensible for fanfictions.

just croft
30-06-07, 23:38
Edit: It has been changed

God Horus
08-07-07, 17:01
Done.. Finally:

The Heart of the Scion

Lara Croft, famous adventurer was researching on an artifact known as the Heart of the Scion. The heart of the Scion, was key to an even more valuable artifact known as the Stone of Qualopec. Ever since Lara defeated Natla a few months ago, she knew there was more to the Scion, and now she knows. Qualopec and Tihocan buried this piece in an Amazonian Temple. It was to keep the Stone of Qualopec safe, as the Stone of Qualopec has great power.

But Lara had not interest in power, she just wanted to get the artifact. The explorer ony knew that deep within this Amazonian Temple was the Heart of the Scion. The heart of the Scion was a golden circle shaped trinket, which had several indentations. Those indentations is what made the piece fit. This was apparently supposed to reveal the location of Qualopec’s Stone, but Lara did not know how it would reveal it. But Lara almost knew for 100% it was in the Tomb of Qualopec. But she wanted to get the Heart of the Scion too, for sport...

Lara had arrived at the Amazonian Temple. As she entered, there was a pressure plate, disguised as the rest of the floor. When she stepped on it, a series of traps activated. The traps would instantly kill Lara is she touched them, so she knew how careful she had to be. She ran forward and looked at the spinning blades. She ran towards them and dived. She went flying over them, and half way across, she realized she wasn’t going to make it! She didn’t know what to do, but the only think she could think of is getting across them!

Lara then realized, that if she landed on her hand and handspringed when the blades were spinning in the opposite direction, she would make it, and dodge the next series of traps. So, as she landed, she sent out her arms, and landed on them. She attempted to do a handspring, but as sh was about to, her back jerked forward, and she was about to fall backwards onto the next series of blades. She looked ahead and saw the blades were coming! She threw her legs around and ended up doing a sloppy cartwheel. More blades! She ran towards them and realized she can go under them.

So, Lara Croft ran towards them and slid on the dirt covered floor. She slid right under the blades! She could feel the cool air from them rub into her face, like lying under a fan on a July evening. She got to her feet, and entered the next room. She looked down and saw a HUGE pit. Halfway down was an alcove, with the Heart of the Scion inside. She of couse, couldn’t wait to get her hands on it. As she stepped forwards, another pressure plate... This one however activated two traps. The pit filled with lava, and began rising very slowly; and the alcove now had spikes! The spikes went up for two seconds, and down for ten. Lara looked down and saw another platform ten feet below her.

She landed on it, and looked at the alcove. As soon as the spikes went down she dived towards the alcove. They went up, as Lara flew by the alcove. She threw her grappling hook at it, and quickly climbed up. She grabbed the artifact, and realized there was no place to go! The platform was too high, and in about 7 seconds the spikes were going to come back. So, Lara quickly took out a device from her backpack. It was a one-shot grapple gun. It was one shot, because the rope and grapple were so big, it weighed 10 pounds all together. Lara shot the ledge all the way at the top. She hit the trigger, and went flying upwards.

When she arrived at the top, she put the Heart of the Scion in her backpack. “Screw the grapple gun. I still have my grappling hook” said Lara, throwing her grapple gun into the deep burning pit of lava. She continued down the passage way. “Time to redoge all of these traps,” said Lara. “Or not” she continued as she looked at the ceiling. On the ceiling was a golden ring. Attatched to this golden ring was what appeared to be a HUGE jade dragon. Lara drew her pistols and opened fire at the dragon. She looked behind her, and saw the lava from th pit was coming down the passage way. She fired at the dragon, until the rope holding it to the ring broke!

The dragon fell, into the blade traps, which broke the floor! Lara threw her grappling hook at the ring and swung across. She let go of her grappling hook, and caught it as it sailed through the air. She grabbed it and attached it onto her behind again. Lara looked at the lava which poured down the passage way. It began to fill the hole made by the jade dragon! But, eventually, all the pit was full of lava. The lava raised into the air! She looked as it formed into some sort of a monster! “Hand the Heart over!” it mumbled.

Lara knew how things were going to end up! She took out her pistols and opened fire on the creature. All the bullets she shot into it, went through it. “My turn” it mumbled. It shot fireballs back at her. She dodged them all. She ran down the hall, and it followed her. As she entered this new hallway, the floor looked weak. She fired at it, and it shattered. She jumped at it, and fell in a pool of water. It was a small pool, but VERY deep. She climbed out, and the creature appeared before her.

She turned around, and the creature appeared before her. She ran away, but it appeared before her. She had an idea. She dived in the pool, and the creature appeared in the water! But, she quickly threw her hook back up to the top. She climbed out of the pit, and saw the pit wit the lava, all watered down in the pool of water. “Phew” said Lara.

Later that day, Lara finally arrived at Croft Manor. She sat down, and put the Heart of the Scion, together with the Scion. It fit perfectly. Just then, a green portal appeared. Inside was a green stone. The Stone of Qualopec. It flew into what appeared to be the Lost Valley waterfall. A bright green light then appeared. Then, Lara saw the Scion. Beside it was the Heart of the Scion. They both combined. Then, it showed this piece being placed on the pedestal. The vision ends.

Lara arrives at the Lost Valley. She arrives on top of the waterfall, bcasue she entered via the Valley instead of Vilcambama. She lookes down and sees the waterfall still on! The entire place if flooded. Lara took a deep breath and dived in. She swam towards the enterance to the Tomb. She noticed that things look so different now that the place is flooded.

She swam towards the rubble. She kicked it, and suddenly, she passed out.

Lara awoke hours later, in the Scion room. She saw Qualopec was gone! Lara took the Scion combined with the Heart of the Scion, and placed it on the pedestal. The pesestal began to rise upwards! It went up about 12 feet, and then it stopped. At the base, was a glowing artifact. The Stone of Qualopec! She grabbed it, and was about to leave, when she realized the Scion was so high up! “I have to get it down! She saw the pedestal was cracked. She took out her shotgun, and fired at it. It broke, and the Scion fell from the top. It went flying towards the other end of the room. It was going to break! Lara cartwheeled over, and grabbed it when it was just a centimeter above the floor. She worked her way across the rubble, and left the tomb.

And so the adventurer arrived home, with the Heart of the Scion, and Stone of Qualopec. She would never learn the meaning about the Stone, and it’s true power, but then again; somethings are better off, unknown.

The End

08-07-07, 20:04
Deadly Manor

Lara lay on her sofa, up in the library watching her television,
as the thunder ripped through the deep indigo night sky. The film,
Halloween, had always gave Lara the creeps since as far back as her
childhood, where she would watch it with her dad. The film never
failed to scare Lara and even now she'd jump and screech as
one-by-one the characters would be massacred.

" Aaaaahhhhhh! " Lara screamed, " Winstonnn!!!!! "

There came no reply. Lara looked to her left, expecting to see Winston
standing there, with his sewn on tea-tray and next shaking tea set. Nothing.
Lara arose, pausing the DVD and slowly came to her feet. Lara scoured the house
for her beloved butler, her most trusted friend. She entered the kitchen expecting
yet again to see him waiting for her, but without still nothing.

" Strange " muttered Lara, still trembling from her horror flick. Then she turned,
and something dawned on her!

" Lets check his bedroom! " Lara said to herself, darting over to the freezer, upon
opening the door her face dropped, eye widened, and her waters passed. Winston
lay on the floor, blood frozen on the floor, with numerous bludgen marks across his
body. Lara let out a silent cry as she turned to face the worktop and ran out of the
kitchen. Whoever had done this to poor Winston was most definately still in her house.
Whoever had done this was more than likely after her.

Lara bolted into the main hall, looking around and turning at every creeking noise, and
every slight rattle. The switch for the door had been smashed and sparks were flying out
of it. It wasn't like that just a few moments before, when Lara had walked down from the
library. Lara scanned every single space around her eye could meet. He was nowhere, she looked
into the two archways, the balconies, the door to her bedroom, and the door to the library,
nobody was there, then as she turned to look away, something caught her eye. A quick chill
ran down her back, and her face dropped further down. There it was. The figure stood straight
and motionless in the archway. He must of just walked in from the gym. He stood in the bold
shadows, his outline illuminated by a fire glow behind him.

Then, as if at once, one of Lara's tall wooden climbing frames crashed down into view behind
the figure, flames spitting out in all directions, setting the carpeted gym alight. Lara screamed,
and as she did this, the figure began pacing towards her, with a hammer in his hands. She ran up the stairs,
locking her bedroom door behind her, and hid behind the sofa on her balcony. Peering over the cushions on
the leaport print sofa. The moonlight lit up the area on the balcony that the sofa was placed, under a
veranda stle shelter. To Lara's horror, the figure smashed his hand right through the door, unlocking the
door from the inside. The light from the fire cast a bright glow upon its face. The figure was a male with
numerous cuts and bruises upon his face, and a metal-like contraption on his right cheek. Lara bellowed in
horror. Her cover was blown. The hammer went hurling in Lara's direction, smashing through the window and
narrowly missing Lara as she rolled out of the way.

BAM! Lara crashed right into the railings of balcony. Her left arm stuck in the metal grate. She curled up
her body as she winced and closed her eyes as the man drew closer to her. His menacing firey red eyes homed
in on her. His pace quickening. Lara struggled as hard as she could to allow her to break loose. Struggling.
Desperation growing faster, Lara grew red in the face, and tears ripped down her face, onto her night dress,
and down onto her lips. She became so much sweatier in just a few moments as her heart began to beat at a
more rapid pace. The man stood just a few feet ahead of her. Lara's body shook violently as she cried and
shook spontaneously. The man reached for his knife and began to force it into Lara's body. Yet at that
exact same moment Lara broke the grate, this made the blade get stuck in the wiring, grasping the knife. As
Lara fell, the grate remained attached at one end, as Lara's arm, ripped and bruised in many places, broke
free. SPLASH! Lara landed in the pool of the assualt course, narrowly missing the bricks on the arch... Lara's
eyes closed as she lost consciousness. The last thing Lara saw was the blurred image of the attacker standing
over her, his eyes prominent above the green murky water, homing in her motionless figure, slowly sinking in the

Tomb Raider Master
16-07-07, 17:52
Journey to the Avalon

- For years my father believed Mother was alive. It was what kept him going. I pitied him for thinking that way. Alister, go to the British Museum immediately. Ring me when you get there. Dress in layers - you'll be there awhile.
- Right. I'm off.
- Zip, call Professor Eddington at the Cavendish Laboratory. Arrange a meeting.
- Will do. What should I tell him?
- Tell him… Tell him my father was right about everything, and there may still be time to do something about it.

Still time to do something about it… Lara's thoughts were far from these stone dais of Bolivia she was currently facing, with her heart pounding like mad as she was making her way towards the exit. What's Avalon? Where is her Mother? Thousands of questions were going through her head in a matter of seconds… She wished she hadn't destroyed that looking glass down there. She wished Amanda had said her more information about all this. She wished for so many things at this moment…
- Idiot! - she suddenly yelled at herself, squeezing her fist, as the echo followed her and her angry footsteps battering through the dark hallway into complete darkness.

- Ah, Miss Croft, you're here. Please, sit down, and make yourself at home.
- Thank you, Professor Eddington.
- Drink? - he kindly offered.
- No, thank you. - she replied.
- Ah, alright. - he took a bottle of whisky and poured some of it into as crystalline as the sea under the sunshine glass. - So… - he continued. - I see you have managed to collect some quite interesting information about Avalon. Along with the Excalibur itself, it surely is one of the things which mystery I have been very anxious to meet and explore for many years by now.
He drank some of his whisky and placed his glass onto the small table next to him.
- Professor, do you happen to have any thoughts about where this place could be? - Lara asked.
- My dear Lara, if I had we would not had been sitting here and having this lovely conversation. Although my reliable resources and investigation indeed did report some useful information about Avalon's location. You see, no one knows for sure where that place is. Different theories have already been made by various scientists about not just the location, but also the authenticy of this amazing place. Of course that I respect all of those men's work, but I'm afraid I'll have to stick to my theory only. Avalon exists, and it's somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.
- Are you sure of this, Professor? - Lara asked with a high tone of curiosity.
- I cannot be one hundred percent sure, though, but I already pretty much am. That set of books I gave your father could tell you something more about this. That is, if you have been a good girl and kept it. - he winked.
- Of course I have. - Lara smiled.

Nothing but a strong smell of gas was left behind her once Lara speeded on her bike towards her home. The engine was droning immensly as the wind ruffled her hair. She arrived at her manor and ran inside, finding a pretty unusual situation.
- Zip, Alister, what's happening?
- Oh, there you are. - Alister replied. - Here's your updated PDA, and, of course, your trusty Pistols.
- And yo, don't forget your headset, girl. - Zip added, and threw it to her.
- But what…?
- Professor Eddington already called and explained everything. Now go, your transport is waiting. We'll be online 24/7. - Alister said.
Lara wanted to reply, but she just smiled as Alister turned her around and sent her trough the door. She was too busy thinking about how did Professor manage to inform all of them so quickly. Did he know something Lara didn't? Or he didn't want to tell her everything, and let her discover some things on her own? In any way, Lara didn't notice she was already flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

As she splashed into the endless blue of underwater world, she looked at her PDA to double check the location which could change her life completely. She swimmed through a nearby cave and she suddenly noticed water becoming warmer and lighter. In the next moment she surfaced in front of a big mirror radiating the strongest light Lara has even seen and felt. She climbed up to it and went to touch it. She stopped for a second as thousands of things went through her head, but she decided to follow her instincts. Wrong! An unbelievably hot liquid on her fingers started to spread all over her body. The pain was unmaintainable and Lara was screaming, feeling her whole body falling apart. She started to loose conciousness when she leaped through the mirror in one of the last moments of her exciting life.

- Am I dead? Where am I now? - Lara thought as she slowly started to open her eyes and get up on her feet. She turned around to see where did she come from, but she almost bumped her nose into as cold as ice rock. She checked her PDA, which located her in the Atlantic Ocean in one second, and somewhere over two million light years away from Earth in the other. Then it switched off, as well as all other Lara's electronic gear.
- Zip, Alister, can you hear me? - she started to call them over the headset, but the silence was worse than when talking to a wall. - Great! - she concluded and noticed she can't go anywhere except into the unknown of the cold and blue breadth that stands before her.

Things she saw were absolutely no lookalike to the ones she saw on Earth. It was cold, the rocks were slippery, and like ecstasy rapturous blue light surrounded both her and endless shafts and hallways she faced on her way through this place. She was completely lost. She visited places she already did, now on one, and later on the other side. She had a feeling she was running around in the circle, until she started to breathe a little faster, having a feeling someone is following her. Those noises she heard in the beginning somehow faded away, and were nothing compared to her sifts now. When she thought she is going to squeak, she slipped and fell down, sliding onto serious of rocks. She hit herself pretty bad and she could barely keep her eyes open. Then she started to fall. It was a botomless hole. She had a feeling she has been falling for minutes, hours, days… Then she hit the ground and released the last breath she had.

Who knows how much time passed before she opened her eyes again. She only remembers that familiar blue light all over the place, endless halways, dripping water, and voices calling. Voices calling her name… She could swear she heard that familiar voice, but she couldn't be sure, as it was lost among the others immediately. Then she heard it again. And again. It was her Mother.
- Mother… - she called as she was getting up. She splashed through the water and started to follow this mystical place, as the voice started to become louder and more often. Her footsteps became faster, the wind started to blow harder, the voice was becoming louder, the blue light was becoming stronger, and Lara's hopes to find her Mother started to become much bigger.


20-07-07, 13:17
Something a little different :D


31st December, the Year of Our Lord, 1461; hereafter known as the Year of Salvation.

My dearest sister,

By the time your eyes set upon this letter, I shall already be dead.

The Abbot, kindly Father of our Order, assures me that this message shall come to you safely ere New Year’s Day dawns. My heart lies heavy within my breast at the thought of relinquishing life and all I have worked to build. Yet even now, as I sit within my sanctum awaiting my Brothers while the candles burn ever lower, my feelings are alight with joy. It is that sacred peace only felt when one’s life’s work is almost complete, and all that awaits now is the Duty.

Yesterday morning my Brothers and I walked to Church for the last time. The city is still reeling from the damage our nemesis inflicted. Fire and infighting have left their mark upon every street and building. Faces haunted with memory watched us from doorways. Our own were hidden within the warmth of our cowls, for the Abbot would not have us show our identities to the commonality until many years have passed. It is still too early to hope that the Black Alchemist’s minions are truly crushed. To this end our Father has decreed that a crusade will burn across Europe in the New Year, eradicating the last traces of his evil. The monster himself lies bound beyond all reach of hope and escape. His tools lie scattered, his weapons destroyed, and all Periapt shards stand united to confine him. Rest assured, my beloved, that his reign and his unholy workings are over.

Brother Anthony awaits me outside my chambers, and my time draws ever nearer. He has been especially busy tending our fallen, and grumbles unceasingly about the need to keep the sick and injured above ground, rather than in our halls. But such halls! My dearest Jullienne, I wish you could see them. For our own safety and that of our charge I am forbidden from sharing their location, but if only you could lay eyes on their splendour. Devious and cunning are their design, so that even should a grave-robber breach the outer sanctum he would be confounded and destroyed before any harm could be done. A company of knights, hand-picked by the Abbot himself, are to stand eternal watch here with me. We willingly offer ourselves, for though such a calling seems horrifying, it is also the highest honour the Lux Veritatis may confer. They are all good men, well-equipped and resolute. All have felt the terror of the Black Alchemist touch them personally; losing a sister or brother, wife or babe to his evil arts. Thus their will is unshakable, even though a thousand years should pass in the world above.

Ah, the sword wound to my side keens me! The poppy Brother Anthony prescribed begins to wane, but it matters not. In a few hours I shall be beyond mortal pain, beyond the fear and doubts that have attended our Order these past centuries. I beg you; do not weep for me. Remember me as I was when last we met; as the hale young knight you were so proud of, and when you think of me now know that I am fulfilling that which I was born to do. By God’s will the evil was enchained, and by His will also may I and my Brothers remain to stand eternal watch over that which he or his infernal followers might use to rise again.

I hear talking outside my door, though it be made of sturdiest oak bound with iron. My Brothers understand that this is my choice to make, and rejoice that I uphold my oaths. Yet, as is only natural, some of the youngest remain fearful, even revolted, by the path I have chosen. I begged them, as I beg you, not to fear for me. I know full well what fate lies before me, yet I embrace it. By our arts I shall retain my will even as my body crumbles to dust, and may freely renounce my charge at any time. I shall not be a prisoner, but a willing guardian in death as I have served in life.

It is almost time. Soon I shall attend a final prayer with my Brothers, before we leave for the vaults. I go plainly dressed in a robe of our Order, with no jewel or trinket. They are burning sweet incense down there in readiness, and the Abbot himself shall perform the final rites. By some strange miracle I have become aware of everything around me on a level I had never before known possible. The scratching of the quil as I write; the play of light as the sun sets behind the leaded windows; a cold wind that rattles the shutter and chills my face. It is as if God wishes I savour each sense as a lasting reminder of what I leave behind, as I descend the granite steps to my tomb.

They are chanting, calling my name, so I must be brief in my farewells. Remember me Jullienne, sweet sister, as I hold the memory of you and dearest Bertran in my heart. If he grows to have half your strength and courage our future can only be bright. We have all served the Lux Veritatis in our own ways, and that is the greatest honour there is.

I bid you farewell in the name the Abbot has bestowed upon me, and by the words that shall forever guide me.

Ultra Vigilis Umbram, Ecce Veritas.

Your loving brother,
Brother Mathieu Obscura.

© Jennifer Milward 2007

20-07-07, 14:16
Von Croy and young Lara go for a booze-up by Scottlee

As Von Vroy and young Lara entered the pub, tongues immediately began to wag. Surely nobody wore those type of white suits anymore? Apparantly one did, and with his mysterious young cutie by his side he claimed for himself a table near the bar.
- "Now be careful, Lara", Von Croy opened with after sitting down. "The traditional English pub contains many dangers and pitfalls that await the unweary. You shall not deviate from my instruction, ja?"
- "Oh come on, old man! We're not in Cambodia now. What could possibly go wrong on a day out to the pub?"
- "You vud be surprised. Now vy don't you go to ze bar and fetch us zum drinks. Consider this a chance to earn your keep".
Lara twitched her nose and reached for her purse.
- "I've been earning your bloody keep for two years. I get all the shopping in, I pay all the bills, and I even bought you a sports car last week. When will it end?"
- "Yes vell I errr....vell I haven't been very employable since I injured my leg in zat big orange thing"
Producing an artifical sigh designed to let her mentor know she was far from happy with him, Lara stood up and went to the bar.
- "Two sex-on-the-beach cocktails, please".
- "Can I see some proof of age please?"
Lara instead produced two magnums and pointed them over the bar.
- "Yes that'll do just nicely" said the barman, hurridly moving to pour the drinks.

Half an hour later the two unlikely companions were feeling giddy and restless, so they got up and went over to the fruit machine.
- "Quick Lara! Hold zer two oranges! Hold zer two oranges!"
- "No, it's not going to do it twice in a row! Just let me play"
- "What about zer nudges?"
- "I already used them to bring the second orange down! HEY, I bet that brings back memories of Cambodia, eh? Hehe"
Von Croy scowled and turned away towards the pool table.

- "I've got one pound coin left" he said, taking his hat off. "I will use it to beat you at ze pool game and teach you a valuable lesson".
- "Wait!" Lara said, joining Von Croy by the side of the table. "The inscription here says OUT OF ORDER. I don't think we should put the coin in. We'll lose it".
- "Ah, nonsense! Tis just hocus pocus".
- "But I think we should lend this inscription some respect!"
- "And you are the world famous pool player Lara Croft, ja?"
- "Okay, old man. On your head be it".
Von Croy steadied himself and dropped the coin in. Nothing happened.
- "One of these days you might just listen to me" Lara proclaimed with a smile, walking away from the table. Von Croy meanwhile began kicking the pool table in disgust.
- "Argggh, now I've hurt my other leg. Help me Lara!".
Lara didn't turn back.

20-07-07, 16:56
LOL Scottlee :vlol:

Tomb Raider Master
22-07-07, 19:55
OMG, Scott! :vlol:

22-07-07, 20:44
I'm thinking of whether I should enter or not, but...

* Participants cannot enter a wallpaper that has been previously published (anywhere on the Internet; It would be better if it's totally fresh work, but it would still be ok to enter with a work posted here like a few days ago, so not too old one).

23-07-07, 15:49
I'm gonna get killed for this. I know I will. But....here's my fanfic. I'll be off hiding now:o...The story:

“You’re making a big mistake Werner! You don’t know what lies in there.” Lara’s words echoed harshly among the lush rainforest vegetation. An ancient Hindu temple lay crumbling amidst the high canopied trees. Werner VonCroy stood stiffly, gazing down at her from atop a fleet of age worn stairs, his henchmen and thugs aiming their riffles at Lara’s frail figure.

“No my dear, you’re the one who’s been causing more than enough trouble…” he turned and whispered to one of his men before walking away.

Lara watched impatiently. What were they planning? She heard the sound of clips and soon after, an array of guns were pointing straight at her, ready to shoot. Lara jerked sideways and took cover behind one of the jeeps placed near the ruins. The sound of gunshot drew closer. She clasped her pistols and swiftly rose up for a quick defense. They were gone.

“ Foolish old man…” she whispered as she lowered her guns and started running towards the temple. A long corridor awaited her inside.

Pacing cautiously, Lara readied for another attack. A long shriek alarmed her.

She looked in the distance. A shadow flashed and hit the wall at the end of the corridor. It then stumbled to the ground with a loud thump, raising a cloud of dust upon landing. One of Werner’s men was dead, his body ripped to shreds, his eyes veiled by sheer terror. Lara’s heart started pounding heavily.

Another shriek. This time, the screams of agonized men accompanied it shortly after. Lara jumped over the body and pointed her guns ahead.

An overwhelming chaos greeted her around the corner. The large temple was vastly illuminated by an open sky, revealing a scene pulled straight from the worst of horror movies. Decaying living corpses in their dozens were now attacking the frightened mercenaries, tearing their flesh in a most despicable manner.

Lara’s eyes widened as two of these ghastly beings laid their glowing white eyes upon her. One of them let go of a decapitated body. Both started walking slowly towards their newly found prey, hissing threateningly as they got closer.

They dashed at her with a fierce scream. Lara performed a head jump over the speeding creatures. She turned in mid air and landed facing her attackers. As they turned for another try, Lara aimed her guns and sent two bullets right between their eyes. They crashed instantly ,their bodies skidding across the floor, lifeless.

Lara jerked as she heard another shriek. She ducked just in time to avoid one of the coprse that lashed at her. A quick swipe and shot and it was as dead as the previous two.

“Quickly, we’re almost there.” Werner called out to gather what remained of his team. Lara looked in the direction of his voice. All she saw was a fleeing dark figure among the crowd.

She wasted no time and went on to pursue her former mentor. She jumped and ducked bodies that flew around as she followed the sound of Werner’s steps. They grew louder.

A sudden shock overwhelmed her entirely. A wave of pain followed closely after. She was brought down by a corpse that flung at her full front out of nowhere. Lying on her back on the cold stone floor, she could feel the sting of deep cuts on her arms and legs.

A head peered over. Lara rolled sideways and avoided the bite of a mummy. She grabbed a gun. Blood spattered everywhere and on her face. The corpse fell to its side, dead, a deep hole gaping within its skull.

Lara looked to glimpse Werner retreating his revolver and running away. She scrambled to catch up with him. It seemed forever until she finally reached a large entrance. The doors that once confided anyone from entering were gone.

The darkness ahead was intimidating. For a moment, the entire rumble of the battle behind faded away. Once she had entered the chamber, silence covered it entirely. The image of the fight was replaced by the blankness in front. Where was Werner?

A crack brought Lara back to her senses. All this time she failed to notice the dim light that shone ahead. The reason behind her journey here.

“The Brahma Idol. A most unique and powerful artifact” A voice spoke, as a shadowed silhouette made its way near the small statue. Lara didn’t hesitate in drawing her pistols.

“No need for those.” Werner talked slowly.”I am not here to hurt you.”

“Just as you weren’t in Egypt?” Lara replied bitterly.

“Egypt was a mistake…”

“Your damn right it was!” She seemed a bit unsure of what to do despite her hatred towards his betrayal. Should she shoot? No. At least, not yet. She lowered her guns. “Why are you here then?”

Their conversation ceased abruptly, as Werner took out his revolver. Lara had just enough time to pull away, avoiding the shot. A groan and a coprse stumbled to the floor beside her. Lara looked up at Werner. Her eyes shone in disbelief.

“No! Don’t touch that!!!….”

It was too late. Werner had already taken the Idol. Gazing at it in aw ,its beauty seemed to have enchanted him completely.

“Put it down Werner!” Lara cried out as she shoved a gun at his head. He seemed stunned by what lay in his hands. Lara pressed the pistol at his temple, yet he wouldn’t give away the slightest of gestures. Moments passed until a decision came through. Lara raised her hand and grabbed the Idol. Taking it slowly, she stashed it neatly in her backpack once it was clear of Werner’s clench.

Relieving her aim, she gently lowered her gun and spoke in a slow voice.”Why are you here, Werner?”

His eyes pierced behind her in fright. Lara looked to see what had startled him.

The hoard of corpses was now making its way towards them. Lara immediately jumped as she pulled both guns and aimed ahead. They were outnumbered.

“Any safety plans Werner? Since you did cause this mess.“She let out a slight laughter as she said this. They were now backing away from the pack that drew nearer.

“Another entrance…”he whispered.”At the end of this chamber.” His breathing was heavy.”We should move gently, so as to not anger them. That way, we may have a slight chance of going without”-he swallowed nervously-“without having to fight them.”

Several roaring screams of threat revealed a different course of plans however, as a corpse jumped in front and leapt several times in hopes of catching the intruders before its companions.

Lara pushed Werner to the side as the corpse went passed them. Both left their differences aside and started running across the dark chamber. The disorientated creature rose to its feet and clenched Lara’s backpack.

“Let go of it Lara!” Werner shouted. Lara immediately released the strips off her shoulders and pulled away. The corpse dropped the backpack and continued to march towards her.

Lara held her pistols tight. The being crashed at her feet, subdued by the shower of bullets. Soon enough the others followed the example and rushed for Lara.

She looked at her backpack, placed a few feet ahead. The others were still a fair distance from where it resided. She had to act fast. With a swing of her arms, she set into a series of cartwheels and flips, grabbing the bag in the process.

Her feet hit the ground. Not a moment passed that she started running again at top speed, away from the pack that was on her trails.

“Here girl, quickly!” A voice echoed in the darkness.

Lara instinctively veered right following the echo. A beam of light hit her face from up front.

“Hurry girl! The door is closing!”

So it was. Lara could clearly see the large stone sliding down. She would not make it. The prize she held was too heavy. She halted and slid the bag ahead with all her might. It went across the wet floor fast, reaching Werner.

Lara sprinted, full speed. Her entire body was weakening. She could barely hear Werner’s cries” You’ll make it girl! Keep running! Run!”

The door was two feet above the ground before it would slam shut. Lara crashed backwards and slid through the small gap. A loud bang. The entrance was sealed.

Lara remained on her back several minutes, catching her breath. She was exhausted. The moans and shrieks of the creatures faded away behind the massive stone walls. She gave loose to sudden laughter of joy. Her expression then went blank. “Werner….!”

She rose up. He was gone. Lara raised up clumsily. “He took it!”She thought. Anger spread through her mind like poison. As she walked about waving her arms in annoyance, something caught her eye. A patch of fabric lay among the thick green bushes near the temple exit.

Lara approached it curiously. She opened her mouth and laughed out of surprise. Her backpack! Reaching inside for its contents, she took out the still glowing Idol. It was beautiful beyond comprehension.

”History books never do justice, do they….”Lara examined it closely. Something fell to the ground. She looked and noticed a piece of neatly folded paper. Taking it, she read the message out loud.

“I am in need of your help. Please, come visit to Paris. It is a matter of life and death.”

A few inches down, an address was scribbled harshly. Lara fluttered the parcel near her face before crumpling it in her fist.

“Didn’t even have the courage to ask me in person, did you?” She threw the paper aside and walked away angered. “Just as you were in Egypt…..coward.”

star girl
28-07-07, 15:05
3 days left before this competition ends – and I’ve FINALLY come up with a decent idea that I can work up into something… :) So basically, I was just feeling down and emo, and I just wondered when would Lara be feeling that in the course of her life … And then it hit me like a ton of bricks: After Egypt … :D

I’ve also taken some inspiration from the Evanescence song “Cloud Nine” … particularly the lyrics “If I fall, and all is lost. No light, to lead the way. Remember, that all alone, is where I belong” (I used a lot of commas on purpose, it fit in the way she actually sang the song :p)

All the entries are truly wonderful :) And I'll post mine as soon as I finish it :D

guess the gears in my mind weren't so slow after alll :p

28-07-07, 15:50
guess the gears in my mind weren't so slow after alll :p

Sometimes all they need is a bit of lubrication and a good kicking :D

28-07-07, 16:04
:oI know what you mean Star Girl. I spend weeks on my work, trying to create a decent story, and I often get stuck for days untill sometimes I wake up in the midle of the night with an awesome fresh idea and scream"This is it!!" at which point I get up and write. I'm working on the after Egypt event aswell(the way I always thought it was:D), but it's pages long.(40 untill now lol). Good luck. I know you'll do a great job.(You've got talent in this sector). Great job everyone. I shrink compared to your work. Loved all the entries(Some intrigued me, others made me roll on the floor of laughter....:D)

star girl
28-07-07, 20:34
@ Jennifer - yeah... I just sat down, and brainstormed and voila! :D :jmp:
@ ashnar - Yeah... It's really frustrating the way a muse works, but there is no way we could stop it :) And thank you! :hug: I loved your fast-moving story :) But I assure you, there are no mummies in India :vlol: :)

Anyway, here's my story:

Through the Portals of Darkness


A symbol imprinted on the palm of a hand , a shard-like made of crystal, piercing blue eyes –

Lara turned about in her sleep, clutching the white pillows with an iron-like grip. She was falling, falling …

“Client, called -”, a painting of a holy icon, blood, “Obscura Paintings” … “Noooo! Ugh! Uhhmmm..” von Croy toppled over, Penetrating blue eyes. blood drawn up in a satanic symbol, those blue eyes again. A clink of metal! “You’re not ready yet” whispered Putai in her mind – She was falling again…

“NO!” Lara awoke with a start. She paused briefly as she took in the serene and quite atmosphere of here bedroom in Croft Manor. She was panting and sweating heavily, her ribs ached a little. She still needed more rest, but at the rate of how fast her recurring nightmares were growing, Lara Croft, perhaps for the first time in her life, was afraid to fall asleep again.


‘Who are you? What is this place?! Why have you taken me here?’ demanded Lara, lying in a half sitting half lying position. There was immense pain in her midriff, which indicated at least a few broken ribs and probably a collapsed lung. The desert winds blew wildly around here, scattering sand everywhere. Lara had to squint her eyes to see clearly who was standing before her.

It was a woman, in perhaps her mid-fifties. Bronze in color, with braided hair elaborately decorated with multi-colored beads, wearing a red desert robe. Lara had never seen her before.

‘I,’ began the woman, ‘am Horus’ servant on this planet. I’ve been waiting here, all this time to find you. Lara Croft, savior of the World.’

‘Why? I’m not going back to tomb raiding again! I almost died in there!’ replied Lara hotly. ‘I’m tired of losing people close to me, I’m tired of having the weight of solitude upon my shoulders all the time! I’m not going back! Whoever you are, tell Horus he’d find someone else!’

‘My name, is Putai, and I have been ordered to give you this Amulet, a true gift from the gods who have waited for someone like you to save their creation from greed and destruction of this world. You cannot escape your fate, Lara. You have to accept this – we have been waiting centuries for you.’

‘Centuries?!’ Lara gave a cold, humorless laugh. ‘I don’t think so! It’s time I started thinking about my seemingly useless life too, everyone believed to be relying on me for their survival. I MAKE my own fate, Putai. I’m done with this!’

The winds howled louder, and the sun began to sink below the desert horizon. Putai’s expression was unreadable. A golden light erupted from her hand, and the Amulet floated towards Lara. Lara retorted, but the heavenly power was too strong – either that, or she was simply too weak. It tied itself around her neck, and the heavenly light spread across her body, healing her insides. She screamed with pain, as the dislocated ribs cracked back into place, and her lung where it belonged.

‘Lara, my child,’ said Putai, now walking towards her and crouching next to her. ‘You are not ready yet. You are destined to destroy the Fallen Ones. No one can change destiny. You need time to recover, and the Amulet will help. You are not strong enough yet. You have to overcome your own personal demons first. But you will be, in time.’

Lara looked up at the red skies, with the inky blue night taking over the reddish glow of the sky. Oddly, it looked calming…

‘I will see you again, when you will be ready, child,’ whispered Putai. ‘Take care.’ She softly patted Lara’s cheek, and then vanished into thin air…


Lara was stirring her tea absent-mindedly, as she recalled her experience in the desert with Putai, the very first time she met the Shaman. ‘Why did she say I was not ready? And are those dreams connected to her in anyway?’ The more she thought about it, the more she felt frustrated as her questions couldn’t be answered by thinking – only Putai had the answers to her questions, and when she was going to meet her again, Lara could not tell.

‘She expects me to go back to tomb raiding, but that’s not gonna happen. Not after what von Croy did to me back in Egypt… But what does she mean by the Fallen Ones? And is THAT related to my dreams? All I know, is that they are not some random images I keep on seeing… I’m sure it was von Croy’s voice there – “Obstra Paintings” or something like that. But why the hell would Werner come back for me after all that. Surely he’d have some self respect … But is he in any danger?' Lara pondered over the possibilities, there was no chance. And if he WAS in danger, then why should she care? He left her to die all alone, made her suffer the consequences of HIS mistakes – so why should she even think and waste precious life over him… But that was the question, her life wasn’t so precious anymore…

Lara scowled as she took a sip of her now cold tea. “Great, just what I needed,” she muttered angrily to herself. “Thinking about Werner and I lost my tea!” She angrily got up, and stomped towards the library, to keep herself busy with finding the answers she knew she wouldn’t get.


Later that night

Lara was breathing spastically, and her forehead was slick with sweat. She was living it through all over again, falling in darkness, screaming: Don’t leave me! Don’t …

“Aaaargh!” Blood. Blood everywhere. On the walls, on the floor. A dirty symbol was drawn in the crimson blood… Split! Organs were being cut savagely… “The Light of Truth needs a Keeper! The servant of Horus who holds the Amulet must find the presenter of the Light! The Fallen Ones should never walk the face of Earth!” echoed Putai’s voice… Piercing azure orbs… “Eckhardt murdered him… He failed…” A symbol burned into a palm. “You’re close child … You’ll be strong soon…”

“AAARGH!” Lara screamed, waking up from the horrible nightmare again. She broke down and cried loudly in her pillow. Gasping for breath and hiccoughing as she let all her tensions she had harbored inside of her soul for so long flow freely. “I don’t want to go back!” she said chokingly to herself, as she rocked herself to a troubled sleep.



A knock interrupted her from an English classic that Lara was reading. “Come in!” Lara said without looking up. Winston opened the door and walked towards Lara.

“Lady Croft, you have a phone call,” he said in his usual polite manner.

“No calls right now, Winston. Only disturb me at some emergency,” Lara replied, annoyed.

“But Milady, it’s from Werner von Croy; wishing to speak to you in the matter of important business.”

Lara looked up, shocked. Winston was holding the cordless with him. Lara felt all the emotions bubble inside of her at that moment; fear, anger, anxiety, relief (though she never wanted to admit that) and confusion. “He’s on hold,” continued Winston. “And he’s been calling since the past couple of days, Milady. I thought perhaps now you would have forgiven him-”

“Forgiven him?!” Lara asked, shocked and in full fury mode. “Forgiven him? For what? Leaving me to die! To suffer his mistakes! To take care of HIS problems?! Honestly, Jeeves, I never expected this from you!” Lara retorted angrily. “Tell him he’ll never see me again! And leave!”

Winston looked quite hurt, but he knew partly it was his fault. “Yes, Milady,” and with a small bow, he left the room.

Lara looked at the closed door, and then angrily threw the fat classic over to the other side of the room in her rage. She got up, and kicked the table; punched the book stacks till her knuckles started bleeding – after exhausting herself, she curled up in a corner, and let her tears take over her fragile form… “I hate you…” she whispered, keeping von Croy’s old face in mind. “From the bottom of my heart.”



‘Putai! Finally! What’s going on?!’ asked Lara – knowing Putai would finally provide her with the answers she sought from this dream.

‘You are strong now Lara, my child. You can defeat the Black Angels. Find the last of the Light of Truth, and you will find your way to salvation!’

‘What do you mean? Who is the last member? What is the Light of Truth?’

‘An order to prevent something that shouldn’t have happened. Horus is glad that you have overcome your personal demons! The Amulet helped!’

‘How did the Amulet work? How DOES the Amulet work?’

‘My child, time is short. The Amulet helped you reveal a part of you that you never thought existed. The part that is scared; scared of dying, scared of losing. The tears that fell from your eyes are proof that now you have raided a part of your own self that you should have known from the beginning.’

‘But – am I the only one?’ Lara asked, desperately.

‘The last member and you are destined to destroy what should never have been made! This is the last time I am seeing you, my child. After this, trust in the Amulet, and find the last member. You shall be in safe hands. Goodbye, Lara, my work has been finished.’ Putai smiled and held Lara in her arms.

‘Goodbye Putai’

A round metallic object with blades floated about – it rushed towards the person with those blue eyes. “Justice!” he claimed…


Lara checked the mail box, to find around four letters from Werner himself. Sighing with defeat, she cut open one, and read it’s contents.

Dearest Lara,

I am sorry with what happened at Egypt, truly. I swear to everything I’ve ever known that I did try to do everything I can to find you. But I’m not writing to reopen your wounds.

Lara, there is terror on the streets of Paris, and I think I may know who is responsible. I am conducting a research on the five Obscura Paintings, for a client. They are very unpopular with history. Fifteenth century images, holy images painted on wood with some sort of a special metallic code-like thing in the interior. I think that these are related to the terror in Paris. Please help me, I think this is quite deeper than it sounds.

I would eagerly await your return.


Lara paused. Werner had her answers. Those painted holy images, Obscura Paintings he called them, were definitely connected to those dreams. Lara checked the back cover of the envelope for the return address, and noted it down. “Winston!” she called as she wrote down the address.

“Yes, Milady?”

“Pack my stuff, and book the nearest flight to Paris,” a small smile tugged at the corner of her lips. “It’s time I paid Werner a visit.”

Word count is 1,843 :wve: Hope you all enjoy it! :)

28-07-07, 21:09
[QUOTE=star girl;1986931]@ Jennifer - yeah... I just sat down, and brainstormed and voila! :D :jmp:
@ ashnar - Yeah... It's really frustrating the way a muse works, but there is no way we could stop it :) And thank you! :hug: I loved your fast-moving story :) But I assure you, there are no mummies in India :vlol:

Stay cool girl I know that. They are not even mumies they're corpses. I chose to use mummies as they looked dried up like the ones in the anzies.rushing here. I chose them because I chose Brahma, which is a very elusive creator god. I'll post a few drawings to show you thsese beings.
in gact
Ill'change their names to corpses. O damn...embarrassment. I know mythology soooo well it's one of my virtues. tthought i should give something unique but didn't work damn.....going to change. I'm so :cen: terrible at this. won't log in for weeks now. writing and drawing is my life...how could I get ot wrong....god entry by the way....:o:D(I changed Putai's name to Atari in my fan fic.)

star girl
28-07-07, 21:30
/\ No prob :cool: You understood it? LoL! :vlol:

28-07-07, 21:39
I'm such a dreadful writer....:((I write to avoid my hatred towards myself again. It caused me immense trouble a yea back)That's why I draw so much roo. Gives me a meaning. Other than that, I'm complete worthlessness. Amazing entry by the way(again):o

star girl
28-07-07, 21:42
/\ Thanks - and I think you're a good writer! :hug: Just because you dont come up with ideas quickly, doesnt mean you're a bad writer. Everyone works at his/her own pace, you're not bad :hug: