View Full Version : Ok, I'm kinda stuck in Egypt.. missed a bridge

30-06-07, 21:39
.. in the Obelisk of Khamoon level.
I've been all through, started off deciding to bypass the first artifact in the room with the Ledges and Pillars where you have to make it to the timed pole in time; I just couldn't make it in time so went on without it. Got the next three artifacts but somehow I missed a switch for one of the bridges.

It's the bridge with the long balcony, but not the one with the ladder, the opposite one with no gateway.

Does anyone know which switch should have opened it? Sorry I don't have a screen shot, but I'm on PS2, and don't have a copy for PC. :(

01-07-07, 02:12
I think the timed switch you're talking about is for a secret artifact (you don't need it to complete the level)

You should name the items you collected from the obelisk, to know which one you're missing

01-07-07, 02:32
In my Items I have collected:
Eye of Horus,
Ankh of Isis,
Scion of Qualopec,
Scion of Tihocan,
Seal of Anubis.
I also have my journal.

However. I skipped collecting one of the Artifacts as I described above. I went back and retraced my steps and, of course, it was the one I put off until last, with the three perches and slamming doors that come after the low blade/high blade trap which is through a doorway off the room with the dog sarcophagus where the three mummies were at the bottom.

The switch itself, is looking out at the level of the pool in the obelisk room, through a barred grate.

I had a heckova time getting through the timing to get back through it, and some how I didn't save my progress! So I'm stuck trying to figure out how I got through the slamming wall trap/perches the first time. I was so glad to be done with this one, and now I'm stuck here again after replaying most of the level. :(

01-07-07, 02:56
God help me I made it and I'm on my way outta here.. Goodbye Egypt! Oops! Scratch that, I still have to get through the Sanctuary of the Scion....

EDIT: Never mind!

01-07-07, 15:23
glad you could solve it

01-07-07, 15:54
what the journal do?

01-07-07, 16:36
Not much!

I read it and it was something really banal, I was like "duh."

I can't remember exactly, but it was along the lines of "these traps are a pain in the ass." ya think?