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01-07-07, 10:58
Formation lap in just under an hours time.....

Anyone else hoping for a third successive Lewis Hamilton win?

He has his work cut out today though as for the first time in a few races its a Ferrari that heads up the pack driven by Felipe Massa, with Hamilton in his McLaren-Mercedes 2nd on the grid, Kimi Räikkönen also in a Ferrari makes up the top 3 on the grid.

Hamilton's team mate and closest rival in the championship Fernando Alonso, sits a lowly 10th on the grid after suffering gearbox failure in yesterdays qualifying round.

All in all its set up for an exciting race, seeing if Hamilton can put the pressure on the Ferrari, and watching Alonso claw his way up the race rankings.

I did scan through the most recent 20 odd pages of the forum to see if there was an established F1 07 thread to post in, if there is and I missed it feel free to point me in the right direction and close this thread.

01-07-07, 12:14
I'll watch it tonight, it starts in about an hour, I think.

I think Hamilton definitely has a good chance of winning a third consecutive race, and I also think he has a good chance of winning the championship. I'd like to see someone win a championship in their debut year. :)

01-07-07, 12:31
I liked that race but I did not watch the awarding session.