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02-07-07, 18:37
Just some drawings I'd like to share. I am a complete amateur, so forgive me for some flaws.. :o

Jackie Estacado, the Bearer Of The Darkness(Property of Top Cow comics)

*gaspshockhorror*Legend Lara

Enjoy, comment. Constructive critisism from artists is welcomed as well :)

02-07-07, 19:16
Well I'm no artist,but I am going on the tracks of becoming one, so if this counts, they are really nice. You have a nice "hand". And since your an amateur and they're that good, I'm sure you'll get beter and better with every single one you do.

02-07-07, 19:24
Thanks a lot :) I know I have a bit of proportion problem. But then again. I have bad visual memory and it is hard for me to remember exact good proportions :hea: And about plain colouring... The first picture I made just three days ago and Lara months before that. I thinnk I improved a bit in shading and colour palette but it is still long way to go...:cln:

02-07-07, 19:39
I still have problems with proportions myself(cause my teachers have yet to teach me) so I taught myself. And I improove with age. I'm just a kid, teen whatever( I feel like a kid). Anyway I like them. You've got talent. Keep it up and you will not believe how much you can evolve.:)

Tomb Raider Master
02-07-07, 19:40
Nice work! :tmb:

03-07-07, 04:11
Amazing work! You have a talent.:D

03-07-07, 05:16
This is very nice, I liked the first one best. :tmb:

Legend 4ever
03-07-07, 06:33
Great work.

03-07-07, 07:29
Awwsome work :tmb:

Alex Fly
03-07-07, 10:52
Excellent work ! :tmb:

03-07-07, 10:56
Wow,it is wonderful!!:tmb: