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11-06-03, 03:28
Whats up, look I have a camcorder (video), Panasonic, it PV-L542D, and well I need to pass everything I have there to the PC, so I have the cable its note the USB its another one, so I connect it to the Pc and nothing happens and I dunno what to do, I didnt get nay program nothing, so anyone any help?? Please, thanks a lot, I need this for my project.. thanks! :rolleyes:

11-06-03, 16:16
this should be in the Technical section

what operating system are you running Win98?
usually if you plug in the cam- windows will ask for the drivers for it. you may have to install the disc that came with the hardware.
once your computer recognizes the camera, you can use the programs that came with it to capture the video, or as an alternate use VirtualDub for capture. find it at www.virtualdub.org (http://www.virtualdub.org)