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03-07-07, 18:49
After three days of mad drawing for these sc competitins, I've finally found some time to do a little light drawing(as in i'm not so careful with every single little detail) So I left my good drawings aside and drew this for fun in about an hour or so. Unfortunately I drew on the wrong side of the papper(the rougher side) so it dosen't look quite like I would have liked. But I thought I would still post it. I'll redo it after I finish the work for the competition on the good side of the paper this time(believe me, I always make copies of my drawings against the window, just in case I ruin them) And yes, I still have yet to get a bigger scanner so the leg is missing. So tell me what you think?(I can't wait to show you my sc drawings. Hopefully they will look better. But trust me, they look far better than this. I've been working on them for 2 full days and I only drew and colored Lara. I still have the background:D)

03-07-07, 18:51
Nice :tmb: Can't wait to see more.

Sara Croft
03-07-07, 19:01

04-07-07, 06:48
Thats really good :tmb:
Great job.

04-07-07, 08:26
Very good. Though I think her legs and feet are out of proportion but otherwise the drawing is perfect :tmb:

Alex Fly
04-07-07, 09:38
Great work ! :)

04-07-07, 10:31
Very good. Though I think her legs and feet are out of proportion but otherwise the drawing is perfect :tmb:

Yeah, sometimes I get the legs really thin and long causeI learned the human body only by examining the drawings of the students that are at fashion designing at my school(They teach you to strectch the body a little). You will notice these fluctuations between really strectched and perfectly normal very often at my works. And I'm still learning. Last year a couldn't draw anything. I was absolutely awful at art. But I am really working hard on Lara for these sc, so those I think are more proportioned. Look for them when I'll post them.:D

04-07-07, 10:44
Nice :tmb: Though.. those are some long legs :D

04-07-07, 10:58
It looks a bit exadurrated when it comes to her body, but I love Lara's hair and all the awesome skin shine. Lovely drawing :tmb:

Lara Croft!
04-07-07, 10:58
Very nice!

04-07-07, 11:21
Cool :tmb:

04-07-07, 11:46
I love that outfit.:tmb:

04-07-07, 16:15
I'm just a kid guys. I'm still learning:DTo be honest, I can barely post my artwork here. I get intimidated by the great stuff you make. I don't even know why I'm even drawing and writing for these competitions here.

04-07-07, 16:21
Nice work! :tmb:

04-07-07, 17:55
wow i love your style in drawing. that pic rocks. i cant wait to see more. you should do one with the female baddies: natla, sophia, amanda