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03-07-07, 20:11
I think I do better with these than with pencils, and I still don't think these are very good.



Edit: Sorry that they're a little blurry. I didn't want to scan them because they would've gotten the scanner all dirty.

03-07-07, 20:57
Great work :D

03-07-07, 21:27
They're really nice. I've just discovered the power of the colored pencil though.(My drawing sc well...drawings are in the making in colored pencil) I also like using pastel. My problem is, I'm always 'afraid' to put the brush on the paper. don't let the same thing happen to you. Just paint. Keep up the really good work. And never give up. Whenever you feel something is wrong about your work simply walk away and come back later. You will then see what you don't like and make it better.:)

04-07-07, 06:45
Nice work :tmb:
Looking really good.

Alex Fly
04-07-07, 09:39
They are great ! :tmb:

04-07-07, 09:42
Ugh *shudders* pastels -_- (just personal view on pastels.. I hate using them)

I like the second one the best :tmb:

04-07-07, 11:50
I always love pastel works.:tmb: