View Full Version : Tomb Raider gets odd...

Zelda master
05-07-07, 14:35
My first attampt to really make a movie:o The Idea got out of nowhere, so i hope you like it:)

click me (http://youtube.com/watch?v=Fd3dmPjJPkE)

larson n natla
05-07-07, 18:15
video has been removed my user mod's you better close this i think :)

Zelda master
05-07-07, 19:53
strange i can normally see it:confused:
ill try to fix it:)

05-07-07, 20:04
Aw, darn, I wanted to see it. Maybe you can fix it then give us the right link again. :wve:

05-07-07, 20:26
I know they're is a lot of Lara 'gone wrong' :p Videos on youtube but I don't understand why it was closed. Was there any sort of mature or graphic content in it? I wanted to see that :vlol:

Zelda master
05-07-07, 20:29
hmm... i cant seem to be able of fixing it... uess i have to reupload it:o