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06-07-07, 07:02
This is a rendition of the infamous "Pirates of the Carribean" music, played on Handbells, that my Handbell group just released:

Pirates.mp3 (http://boccifamily.com/Pirates.mp3)

What do you think?

06-07-07, 08:17


Bell choirs are freakin awesome. I wish I were apart of one. This song is excellent -- The last thing I ever wouldn't imagined the POTC theme to be played on was bells. Brilliant!

06-07-07, 11:58
Now that's something :tmb: (hmm perhaps it could be shaped here and there, still real great job!)

06-07-07, 12:01
*has chills down his spine*

Love it. Pretty unique :tmb:

08-07-07, 03:37
Thanks Guys!

We are actually currently on a Handbell Tour in New York City. We are playing in multiple places from Illinois to New York, so, if you see us, just holler for "Izzie," [;)] or do what we suggested in a thread a long time ago: ask "Were you holding a flare?" and if the person says "yes," then they are from TRF!
We are also releasing a CD, and that POTC song will, sadly, not be on it [for some reason]. I am not sure if these CD's will be available for sale online, or something, though...