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lottie uk
07-07-07, 16:38
Legends and monsters

A tombraider story based around the dagger of xian.
by lottie drayke.

Far below the battle raged, warriors and monks clashing swords and spears, many were impaled, shown off as a warning from the warriors. They had the battle won even before they started, for there side had an evil king and he had the power of the dragon. It was said if you could plunge the dagger into your heart you would weild the power of the dragon and thus become one, the king had done this and he was now a living breathing scaly menace, killing for the pleasure, leaving no survivors, alone monk lay on the ground bleeding from an arrow in his thigh. Gritting his teeth and his vision blurred he heard many of his fellow monks dying around him,reaching forward he meant to try and release the arrow, but as he moved slightly he looked up and gasped.... the dragon was approching the tower above him... shuddering he thought this was the end, one bite and hed be dead! the beast stopped and was over the monk with his red and green scaley body over him, looking up the monk realised he might be saved if he could hobble away or try and run.... all these thoughts were gathering in his head when he noticed somthing shiny in the dragons breast.... a handle shining and sporting a small dragons head with purple stones... what was this? he reached up tentavly and pulled at it... it slid out easily and sparks of light followed...then there was an ulmighty roar and the dragon king fell to the ground, dismayed his servants saw there king fall and his body burned and skin folding over his bare bones, he was dead. the power of the dagger taken. the monk gasped and fled, what had he done? what power did this hold?

As the sky turned to dusk the monk and a freind he could trust made there way to where they knew the temple of xian was hidden in a deep grassy knoll, they approched and were coutious as noone really knew of this place, reaching inside the door they came upon firey torches burning in golden dragon heads, and a red cloth hung over the doorway. The monks were nervous and uneasy as they made there way past the torches, loud groans and strange noises could be heard, the first monk, the one to pull the dagger, stopped and held his breath they came to a large room, decorated in red and gold, large dragons addorning the walls and a large dais in the centre. His companion urged him on,he walked slowly toward the dais its centre glowing with golden reds and holding a large dragons head gold and purple to the side, pulling the dagger from under his cloth he slid it into the dragon mouth on the dais, he gasped as the head on the dagger and the one on the dais's eyes glowed a deep purple and closed upon it... there was a loud roar, the monk screamed.....once...

The helicopter hovered over the greeny country side, the huge structure filled laras vision, the great wall... shed been searching for this for some time, the dagger of xian was said to be held here and lara wanted it as it was a precious artifact. lowering a rope ladder the pilot hovered over the ground as low as the helicopter would allow, lara shimmied down and dropped into the grass, she waved her thanks, she wouldnt of been heard over the blades. A few moments later lara was standing in walled courtyard, the grey and white building reared above her head and a pool made slight lapping noises in one of the corners, lara made her way through the water, which was only waist deep.... suddenly out of knowhere a blur of orange and black leapt from above laras head '' argghhhh'' she cryed..... a large male tiger was infront of her between the pool and where she needed to go...... lara looked it in the eye '' listen, i dont need to shoot you aslong as your a good kitty and leave me alone'' she coaxed, her hands just above her pistols, but not wanting to hurt the beast, it padded round her eyes glued to hers, the air was still, only the noise of the pool and laras heart thudding in her chest,'' come on.... go away, i dont need to shoot you...'' she said through shallow breathes..... the tiger kept the distance... then padded off under the archway through lara had come and disapeared... '' phhheeewwww'' lara sighed '' its always nicer to talk things through if you can '' climbing onto the rocky outcrop she pulled herself up, brushing her shorts free of dust, the ledge above was high but with a good leap she reached it by her fingertips....'' aoooffffff'' she pulled up and found herself infront of a large door it looked old and would probably take a good kick to get through, she was about to pull her foot back when she noticed sothing small and shiny glinting in the dust near the door, picking it up she brushed off the grime and studied it, a key old and big and rusty and..... she placed it in the lock, it clicked!! glancing round the door way she spied a few steps going down to a opening and a ledge above this covered in cobwebs... ' great oh joy spiders!' she thought shuddering not a favourite of hers she had to admit, walking cautiously looking above her head her boots kicking up bits of dust , she walked through the archway and into a long narrow corridoor, '' arghhhhh'' her scream caught in her throat, a skeleton long and forgotten mouldy and greying was lying in a pile near a patch of grime and algae on the floor infront of her.... '' poor fellow, not your day was it?'' lara said to the deceased adventurer, picking her way round it she made for the doorway and almost fell had she not caught her herself, instread she slid fast and long into a green stagnent pool, spppllloooooshhh' lara pulled her head above the water and coughed '' uurrghhhh horrid'' she spat some of the water from her mouth, the last thing she needed was to be ill.... part swimming, part wading she made for the shore and pulled her self out, doing her best to dispell some of the algae from her hair and clothing she walked through into a large cavern, this was unlike any she had seen, it was above a large pit green plants srouted from the roof and around the ledge she stood on. lighting a flare she tossed it into the pit, she saw the light flicker but never heard it land.... '' great bottomless....'' she thought
making her way to the edge she spied a zipline.... ''what on earth?'' she frowned ''i dont think they had ziplines in those days?'' she held onto the handle, closed her eyes, prayed and pushed off, the wind whizzed through her hair and whistled as she sped along the line, she opened her eyes in time to stop herself crashing into a person kneeling by a large red door set into the stone wall.....
'' arghhhh'' he turned and lara leapt from the line '' sorry i didnt mean to startle you'' she smiled the man looked at her , he was heavy set dressed in black, his eyes were huge and dark, he held a bottle in his left hand, '' here to pledge your loyaly are you?''' he asked '' to whom?'' lara asked confused '' to the sins of marco bartolli and the dagger he has in venice..'' he coughed and s******ed, then lara saw him bring up a shotgun, '' not going to use that are you unless your going to open the door for me?'' she suggested '' not unless your going to join me'' he said in a grimaced way. lara looked at the bottle '' join you in a drink? she asked '' no'' he put the gun aside, ''im going to toast my boss and join the darkness of immortality'' he held the bottle to his lips, sipped twice, his face contorted and twisted in pain, he grabbed his throat.... '' uuuurghhhhh'' he fell to the side.. dead.... lara looked on shocked, '' dont think ill be pledging loyalty yet'' she turned and headed to an open archway she hadnt noticed before.... '' venice it is then'' best hope that your boss is wiling to give me the dagger'' she told the dead man...

07-07-07, 17:18
You have a great way of telling stories, and once again, you added your own twists to the story. Have you written any original Tomb Raider stories? I'm sure you could write an exciting adventure for Lara. :)

08-07-07, 06:58
You are good!!! :tmb:

lottie uk
08-07-07, 11:16
thanx guys :) yeh im going to be trying to do my own lara adventures as soon as i get some ideas!! thanx for the comments once again :D

08-07-07, 12:58
I love the "dont think I'll be pledging loyalty yet" line :D

lottie uk
08-07-07, 13:04
thankyou hehehe yeh i love laras twisted sense of humour :) more stories soon i promise! :jmp: