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08-07-07, 21:25
Decided to make another comic! Thanks for all the compliments on the Cat Mummy one. :p

Chances are you won't get this unless you've played Anniversary and Legend.


Oh, how I love to bash Zip and Alister. :D I just now realized the flower-thing was stolen from one of RockSteady101's drawings. I guess I subconsciously remembered it while drawing out the comic, but didn't realize where I had seen it. I laughed at the flower idea and was like "OH THAT'S A GOOD IDEA" and drew it, not realizing I was stealing it. Either that, or it's just pure coincidence. So, the flower credit goes to him. Sorry 'bout that, RockSteady! :(

And, to prove that I don't take this art style seriously (hence why it's poorly drawn), I'll show you an art project I did in 9th grade: http://img372.imageshack.us/img372/1056/artprojectarabcm6.jpg So yeah, I'll have some actual not-crappy drawings coming along soon. :p

08-07-07, 21:31
Lmao at Natla's arms and the expressions :vlol: awesomeness :D

08-07-07, 21:32
:vlol: Ironic and true! I love it :hug:

And I love your serious drawing too - you definetely ahve a talent

08-07-07, 21:32

That last pic made me fell of my chair xD
Awesome :D

star girl
08-07-07, 21:33
I dont get it... :confused:

08-07-07, 21:35
I dont get it... :confused:

She's cursed with Zip and Alister. :p (hence Zip's constant nagging over the headset)

star girl
08-07-07, 21:41
Ohh! :vlol:

it's great! :p

08-07-07, 23:09
Brilliant! :vlol:

Tomb Raider Master
08-07-07, 23:15
LMAO, awesome! :D :tmb:

08-07-07, 23:27
LOL! Love it! :D

08-07-07, 23:56
:vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

****ing hilarious!!!

Loving the "serious" drawing too :tmb: Hope to see more of both styles in the future:D

09-07-07, 03:51
Lmao at Natla's arms and the expressions :vlol: awesomeness :D

Thanks! I love drawing facial expressions and arms like that. It's so... not right. :D

09-07-07, 07:44
:vlol: Rofl, funny.

09-07-07, 08:59
:vlol: Oh my god, you win. I love your comics and I can't wait for more of them.

You have mad talent. I bet you could be some kind of comic book artist one day or something. :p

09-07-07, 09:21
Lara looks cute :D

09-07-07, 09:23

Natla was right! :jmp:

09-07-07, 10:27
:vlol:that cracked me up. It's fun to draw scrawny(I know that cause we use to do it with our teacher for funny animations.)And the other drawing looks great.

Alex Fly
09-07-07, 10:32
Lmao excellent work ! :tmb:

09-07-07, 11:28
I like Lara there!!!:vlol:

09-07-07, 12:55
poor lara

09-07-07, 14:15
LMFAO, the facial expressions are awesome!!:vlol::tmb:

Sara Croft
09-07-07, 15:22
Thats awsome!! :vlol: Moer please! (I love your style! :D)
Lara's face and Natla's arms cracked me up! :vlol:

EDIT: Lara's waist is... skinny :vlol:

09-07-07, 20:41
Hmm...It's funny :)

09-07-07, 20:57
Isn't BFF already "best friends forever"? Saying BFF forever means an extra forever...

But anyway, funniest thing I've read since your last comic. Awesomeness!

09-07-07, 21:21
Isn't BFF already "best friends forever"? Saying BFF forever means an extra forever...

But anyway, funniest thing I've read since your last comic. Awesomeness!

Yeah, I noticed that. I'm too lazy to go back and change it, though. :p I think "BFF's Forever" sounds funnier than just "BFF's" anyway, though. Thanks!

only Croft
09-07-07, 21:47
ROTFLMFAO :vlol: :vlol: :vlol: XD that's so funny...and Natla's expression and arms loool XD :vlol: :vlol:

09-07-07, 22:30
Vespertea,they are delicious, funny and caustic!! :tmb: :vlol:

But I thought the 7th Age was already boredom showing itself :D.

09-07-07, 23:57
That's great! :vlol:

10-07-07, 00:30
That was funny. My day is complete :D

10-07-07, 00:37
That's weird. But your other drawing is great.

10-07-07, 00:43
very very funny i was rolling on the floor lol
vespertea = funny person!!!