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God Horus
09-07-07, 17:42
Now this was a very close call. I know some of you will be dissapointed, but we WILL hold the contest again in December.

Now, if we do plan on changing some of the winners around you will be PMed, and everyone will end up with a 1st 2nd or 3rd and everyone will be tied etc. Here is my 'Report Card' for all the contestants.

larson n natla

Underwater Terror

An interesting read, but there were quite a few spelling errors, grammer errors etc. You could have won a Creativity Award if you made the following changes: Colour Coordinate. Make enemies red, pickups green, etc. This catches the readers eye, so when they browse through a walkthrough, it is easier for them. Please try again when we will hold this same competition again in December.



A excellent level. I just want to tell you that you were originally supposed to win first place, but then RockSteady appeared, and your award had to be changed at the last minute to a second place. I just wanted to say this level is absolutely excellent. The colour coordination, the excellent spelling, everything. This is a true 10 out of 10 level, but then again Ashnar beat you. Great Job though! I am thinking of tieing you and Rocky for first place, Bowie for second, and larson n natla for 3rd, and if I make this decision I will PM everyone later. Congratz!


Again, an excellent level, one I had a very hard time awarding. You would have been tied with Bowie for 2nd place, if you made the change and colour coordinated, but if you read the above review for Bowie, you will see that later on I might change things around a bit and your 3rd place award might turn into a 2nd. So, I just loved the idea of the level, I just canít explain how perfect it seems. Congratz! I will PM you if we change the awards.

Level 17: Valhalla

Excellent! This level is superb! It is exactly what I was looking for in this walkthrough competition! Just the idea, the setting, the way you describe everything just paints a picture of this level in your head! I wanted to let you know that your level might get converted into a TRLE level by me and a few friends, and weíll release it onto TRLE.net. If we do, do this, we will PM you. Congratz!


You clearly made a few mistakes, but itís good! Way too short, and thatís what cut you from winning anything. If it was a paragraph or two longer, we would have tied you for third place. Nice Try! Length is your only factor, and if it was longer and had less spelling mistakes, you would have won for sure. Congratz though. I suggest that you consider re-writing your entry, and re-enter it in December when I will try and hold this competition again. Congratz!

School for scandal

Your walkthrough is hilarious! Great Entry! You have won an award for Creativity. Great Job!

The Silver Basilisk.

Congratz! That was a great read! Very Long, which is good. The reason you didnít win is because it got a little boring after a while. And there were a few spelling mistakes. Good non the less.


This one is for larson n natla and Night Heaven.


Now the rest are in no order at all, simply find your and save it, then feel free to print them out. Congratz again!


larson n natla
09-07-07, 17:59
:( i came joint last

God Horus
09-07-07, 18:09
Don't worry. There is a chance that I might give Bowie a tie for 1st, and the 3rd place person moves up, and both people who won a participation award will come in 3rd. If I do do this, I will PM all contestants.

09-07-07, 18:12
:D well I am quite happy with my creativity award....after all people put lots of effort in theirs whilst I rammed my tongue firmly in my cheek and imagined a 'what if Lara was me' sort of thing.


*rather like this*


09-07-07, 18:13
Congrats Everyone :tmb:

09-07-07, 18:32
congratz you guys(I was wonderinhg whether you were a teacher of sorts jackles:D) My work always stinks. I couldn't even make the damn thing very right cause I have alot of fan fics work going on around here and a tone of uncomplete drawings. Plus English is not my maternal language. It was fun though.(I have little experiene in the field of writing. I do it instinctevely)Loved your work. Simply fabuluous.(I don't know why the hell I even post my work. You guys are wat better than me) Hope you'll participate in the fanfiction sc aswell:hug:

09-07-07, 18:34
I am a teaching assistant...less stress..less pay..:cln: but as there are some teachers on here, I thought it seemed like Lara should have an upgrade.

larson n natla
09-07-07, 18:54
oh im not that bothered i was kidding :D welldone everyone

09-07-07, 18:59
Aww..larson n natla dont be sorry!!!!Look...the fans are here for us :D:hug::jmp:


larson n natla
09-07-07, 19:11
Aww..larson n natla dont be sorry!!!!Look...the fans are here for us :D:hug::jmp:


:D OH NO YOU DIDN'T :ohn::ohn::ohn: ...... no but you have amazing art work i dont know how you do it , actually thank a lot you RULE

participatian winners 4eva lol ;)

09-07-07, 20:04
Congrats Guys. All of you tried which matters most :)

10-07-07, 03:50
Congratulations RockSteady!!!!! Very well deserved indeed! Hope to see your level fully realised into an actual level. :D

Meanwhile, woops! I hadn't actually finished my entry! I did give up for a while, thinking something comedic was going to win, but then I decided to finish it anyway, and then actually BUILD the level! (I started designing the water cavern yesterday).

Anyway, below is the next part of the level. It's still not finished, though. The aim of the level was to find Karel's secret Nephilim breeding lair in the depths of the great rock, and, in the final cutscene for the level, discover that it was actually built, thousands of years ago by Natla... puzzling Lara as to the ultimate connection between Karel and Natla...

WATER CAVERN: Eventually you emerge in a hot and sticky medium-sized cavern with a hot spring in front of you and a splash of light coming through the crack you traversed earlier. The water is boiling hot and must be avoided for now, as must any water that gives off steam. There are three routes at your disposal: a hole in the wall opposite you; a large hole in the ground to the right near the wall; and a path to the left. Look up above and you will notice a big rocky "bridge" connecting one side of the cavern to the other.

THE ROCK BRIDGE: First, circumnavigate the hot spring and climb up the alcove in the wall. What follows is a series of tricky jumps: face the right wall and climb up onto the slope, backflipping immediately onto the slope behind you, and jumping up to grab on another above. Shimmy along to the left, climb up and somersault backwards, changing directions in the air and sliding down the slope to grab on to the edge. Shimmy to the right and climb up onto the less sloped surface. Turn around and jump over to the climbable wall. Climb up to the top, turn around and jump over the gap you have just traversed. In this dark upper cave, a skeleton has tragically left some shotgun shells. Part with them and follow the passage around to the left.

You will emerge fantastically onto the rock bridge observed earlier. Admire the views quickly because a few steps onto the bridge sends a number of vicious small spiders to attack you. When shooting them be very careful not to fall off the bridge, either into the fatal hot spring, or onto dry land losing you significant health and progress! Further dangers ensue, as the middle of the bridge is actually comprised of two separate fragile breakable floors, but avoiding them is not easy because just past the first one a giant spider will surprise you! The best strategy is to deliberately trigger the first floor to break, step backwards and shoot the spider in safety, avoiding triggering the second breakable floor in order to get the perilous secret #4.

If you want it, jump over the second breakable floor but walk backwards to the very edge of it so that it starts to tremble and break. Jump up and grab onto a camouflaged upper ledge, climb up and backflip off the slope. Land, turn to the right and climb up to enter a disturbing nest of spiderwebs, from where the spiders must have come. The only source of light is the glowing white webs and the golden boomerang the spiders are protecting. Light a flare and kill the two giant spiders that explode out of their webs, then claim your prize. Behind the nest is a hole that drops you back onto the first portion of the rock bridge.

Cross the bridge safely and enter a dark tunnel. Light another flare if you need and proceed around the corner, jumping across three gaping holes inviting you to another hot spring, which you will soon re-encounter. Follow the path ahead, taking out another giant spider for a pair of shotgun shells and a vista of the water cavern. Return to the third hole, jump back across and tap backwards to climb down the side of the hole; at the limit, drop a bit further to grab onto the ledge below you, and shimmy to the opposite side of the hole. Pull up and crawl to the left; but as soon as you get head room you will need to stand up and run down the slope away from a boulder. Light another flare if the shimmering glare from the water below is insufficient. Turn left at the end of the slope to avoid a right squashing!

10-07-07, 05:29
3rd place! :yah:

Thanks GodHorus, and Congratz everyone!


12-07-07, 20:36
Thank You So Much!

This Is Very Touching, Thank You So, So Much For The Privilege Of Winning!

Hugglez To Everyone Else For Their GRE-Mazing Efforts!

And The Idea Of My Valhalla Level Appearing In TRLE...This Is Very Rewarding To Me :hug:

Thanks Again :wve: