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10-07-07, 19:04
I did this in less than 15 minutes while I was waiting for that TR animation to load on gametap. It's only for fun and exercise for when I start the real comic I've been wanting to do with Lara(I'm using my own fan fiction) Anyway, again, I hate my tiny scanner for being to small to catch her foot aswell.(hope mom finds me a bigger one:() Hope you like it.
These are all done in diectly in black pen, so mistakes were ireverseble. There very rough sketches, as I wanted to put the faces of the characters down real quick.(if I did it paying attention to every little line, I would have done nothing at all). Some of them may appear in my comic I'm planning, others won't(at least not yet). Each took between 2-5 minutes(I use to do quick sketches using models at school. For exercise , they gave us 15 seconds to draw the position. Real neat training). Anyway, again I have little knowledge on technique, but this time I just really let my hand relaxed and avoided sinking myself into too advanced stuff. If you want their current biographies PM me and I'll send them to you. Hope they're good enough.(thx for the positive reaction towards Lara. I'm glad you like her)
awful, I know, but I said I'd try my luck

10-07-07, 19:20
Awesome! :cln:

You've got such talent. I really admire your work and style. When will this comic be up and running??

10-07-07, 19:48
Lovely work! Can't wait to read the comic:)

10-07-07, 20:07
Wow! Great sketches, can't wait to see more!

Tomb Raider 5194
10-07-07, 20:10
Awesome sketch! :tmb:

10-07-07, 20:52
Cool! love her longs fingers

11-07-07, 06:40
Awesome work :tmb:
I can't beleive you did that in 15 mins.

11-07-07, 07:57
Nice Sketch:tmb:

Alex Fly
11-07-07, 09:23
Awesome ! :tmb:

11-07-07, 12:41
This is great :tmb:

12-07-07, 06:51
Wow Simone! The new sketches look great. Although they are sketches they do show the great talent you have. But ofcourse, talent only doesn't get you to the top, lots of exercise does, and it looks to me like that is exactly what you are doing. So keep at it. :)