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11-07-07, 14:09
I'm not sure if this is okay to post in this part of the forums. But my question is related to fan artwork and writings really. If a moderator think it should be somewhere else then feel free to move it. :)

Okay, on with the reason of my post.
I am working on a Tomb Raider comic right now. Still got heaps of work to do, but in the story Lara will get help at some point from a man. Now, not that I am planning on a love affair for them, but I would like him to be someone Lara could fall in love with. Ofcourse not only his looks but also his personality are important to make it believable for the readers, to make them think 'hey, does she like him?'.
Since it is becoming important for me to work on this character I was hoping people could post their personal opinions on who would be a good match for Lara. This can be with pictures, drawings, a description, or whatever you think is needed to let us know what your opinion is.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me! :)


11-07-07, 14:14
I believe the only man in Lara's life should be...WINSTON!

Seriously though I actually can't think of any man she could get along that well with. But I hope someone comes up with the answer.

(what a challenge ;))

I hope the comic goes well for you :D

11-07-07, 14:24
Ack! lol, don't think I'll do a Winston to go tomb raiding with her. :D
I got my own ideas already ofcourse. At the moment though I am mostly struggling with what he should look like.
Thanks for your reply! :)

11-07-07, 14:37
He would be probably gruff and well, the male version of Lara.

Give him muscles, a dark sense of humor, a big gun :whi: and intelligence.

You should really feel free to take creative reign, Im sure Lara has many love liason's. She just never follow's through.

EDIT: Oh and Rynn, check your PM's.

11-07-07, 14:49
Actually she might fancy someone a bit older, perhaps no more than 10 years older than her, cos there can't be many people her own age that have seen and done quite as much as she has. Someone that shares her love of artifacts and adventure of course, basically...INDY! Indiana Jones that is.

Otherwise she rather strikes me as quite asexual, TBO.

11-07-07, 15:42
scoopy_loopy, you are actualy mentioning the same things I already had in mind. So I'm glad someone else seems to agree with me. :D
And you are right really, I should feel free to do my own thing with him. :)
Thanks for your reply!

Quasimodo, thanks for your reply also. He is going to be a tomb raider sorta person. A bit like Lara. So he'll have the same passion for ancient artifacts and adventure like you mentioned. :)

Does anyone have any ideas for a name? I think I'll make him English too. But haven't made my final desicion about that yet.

11-07-07, 15:58
hmm... Im not sure really.

What if he was european or something instead of English? Because that is what Lara is famous for. But whatever you make him, dont make him American!

11-07-07, 16:16
No worries, the last he'll be is American. :D

11-07-07, 18:14
KURTIS TRENT will be the perfect man ;)

Mister Croft
11-07-07, 18:14
What about Snake from MGS :)

11-07-07, 18:43
Kurtis - his looks an personality... And the biggest reason that can lead to love (not just passion) is the fact that lara is now afraid of being buried alive again - and Kurtis can stop that with telekinesis - :D

11-07-07, 19:28
They said that once she was engaged (apparently he died), so there must be a man good enough for her.

11-07-07, 19:33
Please not Kurtis Trent.. To me he and Lara never matched..
I always liked Chase Carver from the Comics tho.

11-07-07, 19:50
Well, Kurtis is not an option really, as it will be a man she never saw before. Plus, we got the unfinished story of AOD with him, and my comic won't have anything to do with that story.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions though. :)

I also read something about her being engaged at one point; but I'm not sure if that is the first or new biography. In both movies though she faces a former lover. So she does have interest in man. :D

11-07-07, 20:06
They said that once she was engaged (apparently he died), so there must be a man good enough for her.

nope - apparently he didnt die - cme on! :rolleyes:

11-07-07, 20:49
nope - apparently he didnt die - cme on! :rolleyes:

11-07-07, 21:00
Kurtis didnt die. he was never shown dying - the only thing the last fmv suggests is that he is still alive barely. Thats that.

Black Thorn
11-07-07, 21:13
Lara? In love? Oh, come on...

The only thing I can think of is that Lara can share some temperamental similarities with other people... But to fall in love... Lara is not that kind of person. :)

Anyway, I can actually imagine Lara kissing or having some physical relationship (you know what I mean... :rolleyes: ) with Zip. The way they talk to each other in Legend suggests me they do know each other very well... ( :D )
But Lara falling in love with Zip... Naah! It's just too impossible!

Destroyer Op 89
11-07-07, 21:19
Lara in love? i think yes lol! ,every girl goes through that phase ! :p no matter how tough :D , in anniversary you can see how Lara values life and humanity,so i pretty much assume thats not all she could feel

Sara Croft
11-07-07, 22:47
Tension, fina, but love?
Lara (hopefully) cant or will love anyone or anything else then what she does.
It would have been wrong in so many levels to see Lara skipping around in happyness because "He/she is just sooo handsome/pretty!" or that she is weak for them.
Everything about that is just:
She's not a ordinary girl remember. ;)

11-07-07, 23:24
I did like Chase Carver from the comics....along with with Kurtis Trent.

Let it be a guy that can live long knowing Lara and will not get killed.

11-07-07, 23:38
Kurtis didnt die. he was never shown dying - the only thing the last fmv suggests is that he is still alive barely. Thats that.

and possibly convince her to marry her betrothed, the Earl of Farringdon

Betrothed is pretty much the same thing as engaged. I wasn't talking about Kurtis.

star girl
11-07-07, 23:41
I belive it's Kurtis.. Kurtis! Kurtis! Kurtis! Kurtis! Kurtis!

No one else! :p

12-07-07, 00:19
Lara is not the character to fall in love. Well, of course, if you have to put a romantic story into Tomb Raider, I'm sure she would. Although IMO, that part of Lara's life is not important. TR is about Tombs, not Lara's love life.

12-07-07, 01:58


12-07-07, 06:40
Thanks everyone for your replies and suggestions, it is great to read peoples opinions on this! Like I expected they are very widespread, just like peoples personal interpretation of Lara is different for everyone. But still, it is interesting to read through all of this.

not that I am planning on a love affair for them, but I would like him to be someone Lara could fall in love with.

Quoting myself here, from the first post I made in this thread. The question I am struggling with is really not, can Lara fall in love and have a relationship? Because personaly I can't imagine that for Lara.
For me the question is, what type of man could lara get some feelings for despite of herself. Without ever doing anything about it.

I can understand though that some people can't see Lara having any kind of feeling ever. Because some see her as a psychopathic serial killer type of person who never feels anything, except maybe a little bit of anger. Hence all the threads about people complaining that Lara shows emotion in the last two games.
For me however, and I know I am not the only person in the world who sees her like this, she is a woman who does go far to get what she want, but she's certainly not a heartless being. Maybe I see her more like how she is in the movies? I'm not sure. I think we all make our own Lara in our minds. :)

I hope people keep this discussion going though. :D

12-07-07, 08:03
I've tried to solve a similar question some three or four years ago. I had a match for her in the end, but I believe the storyline also a bit changed Lara herself. He was an archaeologist from Scotland, with attitude similar to hers, only that instead of crossing her path, they met not when "on job". His personality can be compared to Wolverine at the beginning of X-men (1), but that would not be exactly precise.
To put it simply, it's not that simple. And in my opinion, Lara is extremely "picky" when it comes to men, on the other hand, she can "afford" that. In other stories, I presented her with a Starfleet captain and I have extreme problems having them even to be more than friends (I mean, always the same question surfaces: What on earth would she like about this one? /and then the apparent answer: To that a degree? Hardly anything.)
To end this pile of nonsense :D, I believe the man for Lara would be from the same world as she is (I mean adventurer or something like that, not just ordinary thrill-seeker though), although it's someone that would not cross her path, more like having a path parallel to her, someone extreme reliable and, that would most likely be the most important characteristic, someone she can trust, place confidence in (and rely on when it comes to that).
Which, combined together, will be very hard to find, which might be the reason why she's still single (one of many that is, if we rule out the merchandise's policy set by Eidos).

To other note, someone once told me that a woman like Lara would end up often with a jar of chocolate ice cream that every depressing night when she's not adventuring and mostly alone in the city quarter that is her house. :D

12-07-07, 09:34
larson , zip , allister and winston are all acceptible in my books ,

but lara should love herself , for all she is and all that she has done

12-07-07, 10:08
Anyone just Scottish. :)

Lara Croft!
12-07-07, 10:59
Kurtis is the man for Lara!

Destroyer Op 89
12-07-07, 14:55
well,lara should obviously get someone up to her stature,like some members have pointed out on chase carver,he was very good on the comics and his effect on lara was plenty.Out of comic would be a guy looking for the same artefact and would somehow stand in her way,i believe Larson was that kind of man,like the creators said..Larson had an interest in her but she didnt feel the same for him:p

12-07-07, 14:55
The man for Lara is........Kurtis Trent!!!!

And for me ;)

12-07-07, 15:25
I think for Lara there is no perfect man - that would be also a little bit boring. He should have same interests but not necessarily work in the same branch. Cause sometimes they would be more competitors than lovers. And Lara loves competitions ^^ but only if she´s the winner.
and which kind of man want to see a winning women ??:D

A combination of Indy and C.Carver would be quite okay.

And not AMERICAN :D and no KURTIS


23-07-07, 10:29


Hey it spider man spider man!