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Destroyer Op 89
11-07-07, 15:45
Hey guys,got some pics of me cosplayign Lara,these pics i edited the contrast,color and etc,gave them a decent background to fill in the white wall.Let me know what you think!:jmp::)





11-07-07, 15:52
WOW You look excellent ^_^ Did you compile those costumes yourself?? Well done!!

Destroyer Op 89
11-07-07, 15:55
hehe yea i put them all together,even painted thos expensive boots to look like Legend Lara's boots lol! The belt i made myself though recently one of the straps ripped off :p im re painting the other set of boots to look like the anniversary version:D since im planning on taking more pics in good settings like near a river and so on:)

11-07-07, 15:57
Wow. Some constructive critisism :p

I suggest you dont wear lipstick at all. Hey Hey, you dont have to listen to me, but its just a friendly suggestion :wve:


Destroyer Op 89
11-07-07, 16:00
Hey yea i just noticed my lips came off a bit too reddish-shiny,making me look weird :o:D

11-07-07, 16:04
Or, you could always manipulate the images, OH NO, you dont look weird at all. I just noticed because I see you in your Avatar and you look more like Lara without the red lippie ;)

11-07-07, 16:08
Wow! What a great cosplay. A lot better than some others I've seen. :vlol:

You make a great Lara! :wve: And the pics are very well put-together.

Destroyer Op 89
11-07-07, 16:10
ah lol brown lipstick ! the Lara Croft classic:D
Heres a pic of me with a Lara-esque expression**without the lipstick** rather old pic though! :

11-07-07, 16:10
Wow, excellent work on the costumes! You make a great Lara. :) I especialy like the first pic.

Alex Fly
11-07-07, 16:15
Well done ! You look great ! :)

Melonie Tomb Raider
12-07-07, 01:28
You're really pretty, and you definitely have Lara's lips. :tmb:

12-07-07, 01:49
but u look bored in almost all pic, like "can u take that pic fast? im tired"

Have one amazing like a little small sexy ^^

Tomb Raider 5194
12-07-07, 02:53
That cosplay outfit is really cool and you look similiar to Lara in those pictures. :tmb:

12-07-07, 10:12
Wow,you are great!!:cln::tmb:

12-07-07, 11:09
Awesome pics :tmb:
Looks fantastic.

Destroyer Op 89
12-07-07, 15:13
but u look bored in almost all pic, like "can u take that pic fast? im tired"

Have one amazing like a little small sexy ^^

ah:) these pics i took with the intention of portraying more her looks than her on a more action-dynamic pose,i would definitely like to have shots like the legend renders out there:D :hug: these are more old pics and just pics to poke at what im trying to do,
ok this last one is just me on a normal basis:p got a bit of a problem with my haircolor lolerz

12-07-07, 19:56
I cant belive u cut ur hair :ton: