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12-07-07, 11:28
Hey everyone Bloodforthebaron.com is trying to start an important project that I think would be a very important project for COMIC Fans and people who hope to work in comics as it would also be a good chance for people to add something to thier portfolio, so if your looking to beef up your portfolio work this might be a good chance for you

Battle action force comics was a sereis of Black and white ( mostly ) stories that featured characters from Cobra GI JOE and the Red Shadows all fighting each other. Again they were never done in color and so we have cleaned up all the images and they are ready to be colored
If anyone would like to get in on this great project please pm or e-mail me all my contact info is on my profile

we have some stuff already starting so please correspond with me to make sure we arent doing doubles

all help is appreciated even if its only 1 page or 30 pages its all a big help, Issues were released with only 6 pages, if you can do the whole issue great if you can only do a few pages that is a big help too ,anything you can do would be appreciated.

This would be a great thing to also show in your portfolio.

Here are 3 stories that were just sumbitted Links in the following Threads




This is a fan project by the fans so any help is greatly appreciated

Jamar Miller