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12-07-07, 18:33
I'm just curious.

If I posted a chapter of one of my stories here, would anyone read it (and judge it honestly)?

star girl
12-07-07, 18:35
Yush! :jmp:

12-07-07, 19:59
Does that mean yes or...shush?

12-07-07, 20:11
i think you would be doing the forums an honour.

12-07-07, 20:12
Okay then. Maybe I'll post it this afternoon. But now I have to go and do school.

See ya later.

star girl
12-07-07, 20:20
It means "Yes" ...

12-07-07, 21:26
sdp93, there really is no need to start a whole new thread to ask about this. The Writers' Group (of which you are a part) could answer that easily if you asked there - we are all honest, really! :wve:

13-07-07, 01:53
Sorry. You can close this if you need to.

I actually don't think I'm going to post something quite yet, but it's only because I'm not done editing.