View Full Version : Tomb Raider Anniversary - Cloud nine

Sara Croft
12-07-07, 22:35
I made this for the Video summer competition, but I thought I could share it here too. Its a click closer after all! :eek:

Anyway, here's the video:

Im not too happy about it, but I've been having loads of problems on my computer Lately and WMM dosent work anymore, so I just had to complete it ASAP and get it online.
Its perhaps a bit hard to hear what the Lyrics are so perhaps you dont understand shiat of it.. :p
Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it and some critisism would be as lovely as any comment. :)

(For some reason I felt that the song fitted Lara :o)

12-07-07, 22:46
That was really good! Some of the scenes really fitted the song (face close ups and falling to the lava with Natla) And nice usage of slow motion aswell. Fitted that song perfectly IMO :tmb:

With some more tweaking it would be perfect :D

Sara Croft
12-07-07, 22:50
Thanks. :D
I thought I had completely overused the slow motion tool (I used it in almost every cutscene xD) but im glad you liked it. ;D

12-07-07, 22:54
Hahah.. I always use slo-mo and double speed tools in my vids :D I'm making a new one without either of those though.. O_o feels weird..

13-07-07, 01:41
Realy enjoy the video!

13-07-07, 01:46

Great song! Great movie!!


Sara Croft
13-07-07, 09:12
Thanks guys :D

13-07-07, 15:12
Love It! :d

13-07-07, 17:17
Really good. :jmp:

Is it just me, or is every TR fan an Ev fan too? :D

star girl
13-07-07, 17:39
/\ Isn't it great?! :eek: :D :D :D

Love the video Sara! :tmb:

13-07-07, 17:48
That was good.

Sara Croft
13-07-07, 20:22
Thanks all of you! :hug:

15-07-07, 11:33
Wow!That's awesome!I love that song!:tmb:

15-07-07, 11:46
Wow, great work. :tmb:

(Makes me wish I had decent movie editing software on my PC)