View Full Version : have you noticed these similarities between AOD lara and TRA lara

13-07-07, 14:53
here is a list of what I have noticed:

same hairstyle

same holsters

same belt buckle colour

same coulored socks.

has anyone else noticed these similarities?

13-07-07, 14:57
Well there both lara.. Lol.

13-07-07, 15:01
- Hairstyle is different

- The holsters are indeed similar

- The colors are just similar

- A lot of people wear grey-ish white socks

Tthe Spirit
13-07-07, 15:18
Concerning colors... it is the best mix...

Well it is still Lara... :p :p :p

Soma Holiday
13-07-07, 15:24
I know that when playing with the camo outfit in TRA, I feel like I'm playing AOD on a few levels, like the old Cistern-ish one. The outift is the same sure, but her shape reminds me of it a little.

Lara Croft!
13-07-07, 15:54
Τhis thread is worthless without comparison pics!

13-07-07, 17:53

:D need some pics!

13-07-07, 18:23
The clothes might be similar, and so may the hair be... BUT THAT's CAUSE THEY'RE BOTH LARA! :vlol: I however think that the faces are quite different.