View Full Version : MacBook

13-07-07, 16:29
Are they worth the money? I was thinking about getting one at the end of August, but first, I wanted some opinions from people who have used one/own one. What do you think of it?

13-07-07, 16:31
I've used one. Its just like an iMac except foldable with a battery. So if you like iMacs then you'd probably be happy with a Macbook. I think Apple overprices everything they sell anyway, so no I don't think its worth the money.

13-07-07, 16:57
Definitely worth the money. The Apple OS is far superior to anything Bill Gates could offer. In 20+ years of Mac computing, I'm still waiting for the big bad internet virus to come get me. The best part about the current line of Macs is that they will take and load Windows via Boot Camp. You'll be able to play TR on your Mac too. :)