View Full Version : Death Shriekers( first attempt)

13-07-07, 18:40
Well, it's only one for now. This pretty creature will make a nice appereance in my comic(hopefully:o). The reason why I called them as such(they are also referred to as shrieker harpies)is because they are capable of emmiting shriek like calls that reach a certain frequency which stun and even kill any living creature nearby(they are imune to the frequency though.)Done quickly in black pen.(the creatures are blind by the way)
http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa209/cougarlynx/Scan10011.jpghope you guys don't mind me posting my work. I know I'm awful at it.:(But I've grown dependent on it.It's one of my few 'freedoms' so to speak of. that and my sickening vast imagination

13-07-07, 18:57
Amazing! It's lovely! :tmb: Reminds me a bit of a thestral.

star girl
13-07-07, 18:59
Awesome! :tmb:

13-07-07, 19:34
Eeek! Looks like this is really scary beast. I'm glad I don't have to fight it in the TR games. Would probably take me a few days to gather my nerves and actualy have the guts to face it. :D
The sketch itself is really good, we can already see several details and we get an idea of what the creature looks like. I also love the concept of this creature, the shrieks together with it's looks. Top class work. :tmb: