View Full Version : Need help on Photoshop

13-07-07, 20:10
I wanna make an avatar for TRF,but I know the size must be smaller that 5mb,and I don't know how to shrink it.(the avatar):(

13-07-07, 20:14
5mb?! Are you saving it on the correct format? Try go to 'save copy as' and in the file format area select JPG.

13-07-07, 20:15
From the announcement:


If you have an image that you cannot re-size, feel free to send it to me. The image will be re-sized for you and uploaded on your profile within 24 hours.

Just send it, and a admin/supermod will resize it for you:wve:

13-07-07, 20:21
An avatar must be 128x128 maximum resolution, 5kb maximum size.
And George is right, send your picture to Neteru.

13-07-07, 20:31
I would suggest converting your image to GIF after you have resized it. Then select "Save for Web" under File, and it will give you several options for file size.

14-07-07, 12:15
Thanks everyone.:hug: