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13-07-07, 21:14
... refers to the PS1 games / Xplorer Cartridge ....

Playing for the 3rd/4th time you tend to mess around with the
game a bit, and in TR1 ... (and the game with the old priest in
who saves Lara from the knight on Horseback.... which one IS
that ?!?), you can get Lara flying around, (or where she's
swimming have her come through the surface of the water and
"Continue" swimming/flying up into the air around the levels)...
in TR1 you can go up to what must be 1,000 feet in real life,
.... go into the cartridge and turn the cheat OFF then listen to
the scream as she falls into the 'Garden' ;p ... if you're sadistic :) ...

... but I'd love to 'fly' around levels in the other three games where
there's "Water" ... or is asking for 'Cheat Codes' TOO sad ?!? :)

14-07-07, 05:12
The one with the "old priest who saves Lara from the knight on Horseback" is Chronicles.

I know you can fly/swim in the air with SCU (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tng/aod_scu.html) fo TRAOD, don't know about PS version, though.