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14-07-07, 00:10
Hey guys!
I don't know if any of you remember my crazy "The Magic Hole" video (the one where I get attacked by Furbies :P) that I made a few months ago, but I have now made yet another crazy video! :D

It's completely random, I got locked out of the house (while it was raining no less) and this is what I did to waste the time! lol
(Sadly I didn't get the chance to use the tripod for this film since I was unprepared). Oh, and watch out for the chipmunk voice. :D hehe!!


Sara Croft
14-07-07, 00:20
OMFG! :vlol:
Loved every second of it! :vlol:
"THis is very serious.. Im holding an umbrella. :vlol:

14-07-07, 00:21

You.....are......sooooooooo.....weird :D

"Nice rock....hehehe smells funny"


:hug: Thanks for making me laugh today......you RANDOMER!!!:p

14-07-07, 00:35

14-07-07, 00:47
LMAO! That was hilarious. :vlol: The parts where you laughed in fast motion made me laugh. And when the umbrella gets stuck in the tree. :p

Something tells me if I were supposedly locked out of my house, it was raining, and I had a video camera, I'd make the exact same video. D:

Jin Uzuki
14-07-07, 05:00
Weird. Weird. Weird. Yep, you were just entertaining yourself...and us! :cln:


Lara Forever
14-07-07, 07:54
hehehe crazy lol very enterteaning(sp?) :D:D:D:D:D:D;)

14-07-07, 10:23
Lmao! I just woke up and thought this was gonna be another boring day.. How wrong could I be! :D

That was a bit random. In good way! :tmb:

14-07-07, 12:49
ROFL :D this is hilarious! I love the voice.

14-07-07, 13:47
Crazy but hilarious

14-07-07, 13:55
LOL. Ham sandwiches make me sing.

only Croft
14-07-07, 16:29
What a squicky voice looool :vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

14-07-07, 16:54
Wierd ish definitely more eye-catching than usual lol, real good, Shauni! :D

Camera Obscura
14-07-07, 20:22
You're so silly, and you're cute too! :D I love the video, especially the chipmunk voice and the umbrella getting stuck between the trees. Both this and the The Magic Hole video are great. :tmb:

14-07-07, 20:55
you are very funny thank you for making me laugh
my favorite part is where you say this is serious ...im holdin...and umbrella oh how funny!!!!!!! make more vids

14-07-07, 22:38
Yey, there's someone out there just like me:jmp:. Cute video.Reminds me of when me and a few friends had to wait at a camp to see where our cabin was. It was so cold and everyone was nervous so I started making odd comments and odd things to cheer them up:D. They really loved that.

15-07-07, 00:18
AH Thank you guys so much for the comments!! :D They made my day! :hug:

More videos are coming your way! I'm currently editing two 'cwazy videos and a music video. hehe. You all will be the first to know when they are uploaded!! :)

15-07-07, 05:20
oh my, a chipmunk voice vid that doesn't annoy me, in fact, I LOVED it.

I was cracking up when you lost your umbrella between the two trees haha.