View Full Version : Since its Friday the 13th

14-07-07, 01:56
Any bad luck happen to anyone?

ben croft
14-07-07, 02:03
Not yet... I was sleeping during all day. :D

14-07-07, 02:13
I had to walk home from the library, but I wanted to do that. My feet were hurting afterwords though.

Edit: And my sister left to go to San Francisco, but I consider that good luck.

14-07-07, 03:55
Not really, except that I didn't get to talk to my dear until late at night. I wouldn't really blame it on Friday the 13th, though. Just a normal Friday for me. :)

14-07-07, 03:58
I had a great day. My CD came in the mail about two weeks earlier than it was supposed to. And I saw an amazing movie. No bad luck for me. :D

Tomb Raider 5194
14-07-07, 04:00
Just that I woke up late (I hate when I do that :D) and that I couldn't go to the movies tonight XD, but nothing really "bad luck" happened to me.

14-07-07, 04:06
Oh, I was driving home and a black cat crossed the road infront of me. Isn't a black cat crossing your path a sign of bad luck? lol

14-07-07, 04:34
i had to work

14-07-07, 04:44
I woke up again. :(


14-07-07, 04:51
Well, that'd probably be that I'm a bit ill, nothing more. :)

14-07-07, 05:06
Yes, I got ill. :mad:

I didn't even realize it was Friday the 13th until I read it here, though. :)

14-07-07, 09:45
My mom came back from her one week holiday... I don't know, whether it's luck or not XD

14-07-07, 09:49
Nope :D

in these arms
14-07-07, 09:58
We had to stand in the rain because my PE class were being silly. We lost half our lesson and only got 1 game of King Ball

only Croft
14-07-07, 10:04
Nope...here is the 14th :D

Dark Lugia 2
14-07-07, 10:26
Yesterday I went to see harry potter 5, so it was all good :p untill the rain came pouirng down :p oh, and i spilt my popcorn :eek: *shakes fist at friday 13th*

14-07-07, 10:28
Oh, I was driving home and a black cat crossed the road infront of me. Isn't a black cat crossing your path a sign of bad luck? lol

Bit problematic at my house since we have nine cats, three of whom are mostly black... :pi:

Nope, no stranger-than-normal occurances here :D

14-07-07, 10:35
I had a crap day yesterday, and I don't think today will be much better :)

I'm not blaming Friday 13th though.

14-07-07, 10:37
Not at all, I had a blumin excellent day :D

14-07-07, 10:41
It's 14th here now, but yesterday a part fell off my keyboard, a part fell off my mouse and mysterious cracks appeared on my copy of TRA. It was the first unlucky friday the 13th I've had. They're usually good days for me... Maybe I was counting on that too much?

Oh, and I also hit a car. Which wasn't moving. Although that just makes it all the more stupid. :p

14-07-07, 10:52
It's saturday now.. but friday was a bit unlucky -_-

I spent the whole day removing and installin stuff on my computer and it was infected with twenty something viruses and lots of spyware programs.. I installed a new virus protection program *cost me muy dinero* and it doesn't work. My computer wouldn't start at all.. I had to remove the program and now am re-installing it >_>

Also I had to clean my apartment and wash the dishes yesterday.. how unlucky am I? :p

14-07-07, 10:58
I had a terrible toothache. :(

Jacob x5
14-07-07, 11:03
Well, it's Saturday the 14th now and I'm still alive. :whi:

14-07-07, 11:05
Had a law exam and it was easy as pie :D

14-07-07, 11:09
Had a great day, in fact I was brilliant. think Friday 13th was the start of summer!!

14-07-07, 11:13
My Nan - who I don't want to talk to because she's been a right ***** to me lately - called yesterday; the first time in about 6 months.

Tomb Raider Master
14-07-07, 12:09
It was Friday the 13th yesterday? Oh lookie, it was. :D

Let's just say my night out went in a kinda wrong direction. :whi:

Ada the Mental
14-07-07, 14:29
Well, I did hit my knee yesterday but I don't think it has anything to do wih Friday the 13th, but with me being so damn clumsy!:tea:

I have a friend who's totally obsessed with all these superstitions, and he really gets on my nerves.

14-07-07, 14:31
Nope, I dont believe in those things. =)
I watched Harry Potter yesterday, I don't think it's a bad luck.

14-07-07, 15:05
I got stuck up a tree.


14-07-07, 16:04
I got unemployed. Well, to be precise, I was doing Zivildienst which is an alternative to conscription in Germany for conscious objectors, and yesterday (i.e. Friday 13th) was my last day there. Now I have lots of free time until I start studying in october, so I'm actually very happy with this.