View Full Version : Just saw Transformers

14-07-07, 01:57
I just saw Transformers. I thought it was going to be the stupidest thing ever, but my brother payed for it so I went and it was actually a good movie, I thought the mom was hilarious.

14-07-07, 02:18
I've heard it's supposed to be really good. Hopefully I'll go see it sometime this week..

14-07-07, 04:48
Transformers is awesome. Seriously, everything explodes and it's incredible.
As a long-time Transformers nut (seriously, I've got dozens upon dozens of the toys) I was not disappointed in the slightest.

14-07-07, 09:00
I'd like to see the Transformers movie, even though I'm not a Transformers fan. I've also been thinking about buying the Transformers animated movie from a while back. :D

14-07-07, 09:13
I really didn't expect much when I went to the movie theater last week to see Transformers. But it turned out to be a very well made movie, with entertaining action scenes, that made me jump up from my chair, with a good dose of comical situations that actually made me laugh!! :D

A great movie, I really recomend it!! :tmb:

14-07-07, 13:58
I really like that film,double thumb up!!:tmb::tmb:

14-07-07, 14:01
I heard it's good, but I probably won't see it since it's not really my type of movie

14-07-07, 23:27
One of my friends went to go and see it. She's now trying to get me to go and see it but I've told her a hundred times, "No!"
She's trying to tell me that it's like Roswell (I loved that show lol) cause of the alien business in it. But I'm not buying it lol.

14-07-07, 23:49
I thought it was great! I didn't expect it to be good, either.

14-07-07, 23:54

*sigh* Should have watched it! XD

Real Life Raider
15-07-07, 00:15
I saw a trail for Transformers at the cinema tonight. looks good, mega FX but does it have a plot?

15-07-07, 05:30
I saw it today. Very good .I love Shia, he is such a great actor! :)
He is great in Disturbia as well.

15-07-07, 05:37
It's a really good movie :D

(Yes it does have a plot, lol.)

15-07-07, 05:52
I thought the beginning was mediocre but the ending really did have some amazing moments.