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14-07-07, 10:37
Lara will encounter these ghastly beings whilst searching for the mystical Sacred Stones,( which are believed to be blessed by certain gods of the region they are located). She will come across them in Israel and Tibet. As hard as it may seem, these creatures are of divine origin. They always attack in pairs and are believed to posses the intelligence of a human. They emmit shriek like calls that reach a certain frequency which can either stun or kill any living creature nearby.They are blind, their eyes resembling a pool of darkness which can drive anyone who gazes whithin them insane. They are immortal and cannot be killed using 'clasical methods'. The only mention of these harpies was a short line in an ancient mesopotamian poem that listed all the horrors of the world. The shriekers were mentioned as "The unforgiving shadows that scream you death and torment". It is uncertain how the knowledge of these creatures was written down though, as no man ever escaped their fatal calls. They're diet consists of bats, rats and fish, but an ocassional adventurer will not be overlooked. Their atrofiated bodies bare a harsh cole black skin(their muscled can be clearly distinguished underneath) and they use their sharp claws and long muscular(yes, muscular) tales to lash and grab unsuspecting prey. Their fangs are not venomous, but their saliva is(thankyou Komodo Dragon). Well, hope you like them.:o

14-07-07, 10:56
Pretty intresting little creature :D
Great drawings :tmb:

14-07-07, 12:39
Wow, they look great! :)

14-07-07, 12:40
Wow, these are so scary! Your drawings are very good too. I hope I can see these in action one day. :)

Sara Croft
14-07-07, 12:49
They look freaky! :tmb: