View Full Version : Tall and Thin? or Small and Fat?

in these arms
14-07-07, 12:06
In other words do you want to be a stick or a football? :D

What would you rather be? Title says it all. To me it's quite a hard decision, you could get picked on from either way.

Maybe Tall and Thin, so I could squish all! >:]

14-07-07, 12:12
Tall and thin.

14-07-07, 12:12
Tall and thin

14-07-07, 12:15
I'm already tall and thin :p And I like it..

14-07-07, 12:15
I think many people will choose Tall and Thin, but I'd love to see opinions of people who choose Small and Fat. Fat is quite harsh, maybe over weight ?

Tall and Thin for me.

Alex Fly
14-07-07, 12:19
Tall and thin. :wve:

14-07-07, 12:19
Tall and thin :p

14-07-07, 14:13
tall and thin...

But how tall is tall, and how thin is thin?

star girl
14-07-07, 14:16
/\ :vlol:

I'm already tall, but healthy - I'd like to be thin :)

14-07-07, 14:18
i'm already tall, but also i'm... not that thin!!
and i want to lose some weight.. a lot of weight!!!
so i'll choose tall and thin

Ada the Mental
14-07-07, 14:21
Erm...Tall and thin-but not unhealthily so,not skinny.
Which I already am (at least the thin part, I'm of average height) so I'm not complaining.

14-07-07, 14:55
*I* prefer to vote ... and call it ... "Petite and Slender" :)

... but that's only because the 'Missus' is http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/hug.gif

Mad Tony
14-07-07, 14:58
Neither! :p I'm just right for both at the moment. :D

But if I had to choose, tall and thin. It's probably the closest thing to what I am now.

14-07-07, 15:03
I'm tall and thin and I want to stay like this...

14-07-07, 15:05
Tall and Thin. :)

14-07-07, 15:05
Petite and Slender gets my vote too.

Dark Lugia 2
14-07-07, 15:08
I'm tall and thin, but i'd like to be tall and a little bit more fat, just a teeny bit :p

Lara Croft!
14-07-07, 15:17
My boyfriend is tall and thin, I am average Greek height and juicy. I like things as they are!

14-07-07, 15:24
I'm tall and thin and I'm staying like this.

Jacob x5
14-07-07, 15:47
I'd choose tall and thin.

And sorry, guys, but this annoys me: 'Petite' doesn't make sense. :p That would apply only to females. ;)

14-07-07, 23:25
Because I'm relatively short I've always wanted to be tall. So I'd pick tall, and what I am now I reckon is just the right frame. Not too skinny, not to fat.

14-07-07, 23:48
Tall and thin. :vlol:

14-07-07, 23:51
Tall and thin... And I already am, so I am happy :p

I used to be short and fat though...

14-07-07, 23:56
Petite, slender and lumps and curves in all the right places :p

15-07-07, 00:24
Doesnt really matter to me. I'm 5' 2" (I don't know if that's tall for a fourteen year old girl) and pretty thin anyway.

15-07-07, 05:40
Well I 14 yrs (girl) and am 5 foot 5 inches, 102 pounds, long legged. so what do you guys think? :p

I don't think I'm fat. Considering I get most traits from my Mum's side of family. (including the big nose!!! :cen: :vlol:) She's thin, her mum was very thin (When she was alive) My uncle was always very thin, my sis is extremely thin. 5 foot 5, 95 pounds!! :( It's hard for her to gain weight.

15-07-07, 05:41
I'm tall and skinny and I'm happy so I guess tall and skinny,

15-07-07, 05:47
Petite and thin :( I wish I was taller. But that's ok, I have tons of stilletos. :yah:

15-07-07, 05:47
Petite and thin :( I wish I was taller.

How tall? I am supposed to grow another inch! And I don't want to be taller

5'6! :(

15-07-07, 05:49
/\ 5' 1". :(

U should be happy. U can wear all the high end fashion things and look very fashionable.

15-07-07, 05:51
I'm a guy and personally i don't wanna be 'thin'
So i'd say Tall and Fit(Not huge but worked out)

15-07-07, 05:52
I'm a guy and personally i don't wanna be 'thin'
So i'd say Tall and Fit(Not huge but worked out)

What guy doesnt? :p

15-07-07, 05:58
I'm a guy and personally i don't wanna be 'thin'
So i'd say Tall and Fit(Not huge but worked out)

Ohh. Eat fats, but under heavy workout controls. Don't ask me anything else, I'm a girl. :p

15-07-07, 06:30
I'm already tall and thin, and I prefer it that way. I don't wanna look like Super Mario. :pi:

15-07-07, 06:38
I'm already tall and thin, and I prefer it that way. I don't wanna look like Super Mario. :pi:

ROFL! :vlol:

I'll second that, Ikas. :D

15-07-07, 09:24
Tall and Slim, I am tall but skinny now

15-07-07, 09:38
I'm tall and thin (and lanky, I'm 6' 4'' :p) but I'm not too bothered by it really. Its a pain buying jeans though! :mad::p

Chug a Bug
15-07-07, 12:13
Tall and thin. I'm currently tall and.... need to lose some weight.

15-07-07, 22:04
Probably tall and thin like my bf, I'm short and fat lol well I'm short anyways, 5 foot 5 inches :o and hes 6 foot 4 inches :)

@Talion, I know what u mean about jeans, my bf can hardly ever find a pair long enough!

Destroyer Op 89
15-07-07, 22:07
i was born chubby but i turned out quite thin(with a lot of curves),im happy with it cause i can fit into very small clothes!,as for height im 5'6" or so:p

15-07-07, 22:10
well i guess i'm tall and thin... and i actually like it... :D
well i'm not so thin... just a little bit... i guess i have a good shape... :D

Camera Obscura
15-07-07, 22:30
Tall and thin. I feel so short compared to all the males in my school. :(

16-07-07, 08:54
at 5'4" all I can hope to be is short and shapely ;)

Soma Holiday
16-07-07, 14:11
I think the best question here would be...

Tall and Thin?


Short and Thin?

I have never met a person who would actually like to be fat...I wish I could say it myself or that I would feel ok fat, but it would be a lie. Society is to harsh on overweight people. It's sad. But as I struggle to keep a good figure, I can't say anything, so I'm gonna go with tall and thin.

16-07-07, 17:57
I'm already tall but not thin

I chose tall and thin

16-07-07, 18:20
Is 5'2" tall or short?

16-07-07, 18:27
Tall and thin! well i wouldn't wanna be like a pencil but if needs be .. hang on ... i am already sorta tall :) i know someone 6 ft 7 ! he's really really tall! and i sat on his shoulders it was cool ...

16-07-07, 18:29
Is 5'2" tall or short?

I would say short :p 5'4" is about average height I would say. I am 6', so yeah :p I am rather tall..

16-07-07, 18:35
Oh. I've always considered myself tall. That's probably because I'm about the same height as both my grandmas and my mom, and I have a few great aunts who are a lot shorter than me.

But I'd rather be short. It seems better.

16-07-07, 19:15
Tall and thin, which I am.

16-07-07, 21:54
I'm short and built - athletic. Does that work? :p

16-07-07, 21:59
I'm tall and thin, but going to the gym so I can be tall and toned :D

16-07-07, 22:00
I wanna be all 4 at the same time :p Totally breaking the rules xD

16-07-07, 22:24
I wanna be all 4 at the same time :p Totally breaking the rules xD
lol, you non-conformist you!