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15-07-07, 05:36
What's a good online game I've played the sims online, anyone have any recommendations?

15-07-07, 05:53
Guild Wars, it's free and quite a blast!
World of Warcraft if your into that sort of thing but has a fee.

15-07-07, 06:18
I've played world of warcraft and I thought it wasn't that fun. What can you do in Guild Wars?

only Croft
15-07-07, 07:49
I play Rappelz: http://rappelz.gpotato.com/. And Silkroad: http://www.silkroadonline.net/SilkroadOnline_Europe.asp.

They are both good but you need a rather decent Graphic Card, and in SilkRoad most of the time the servers are full.

15-07-07, 08:44
Metal gear solid 3: Subsistence online play. It's closed in America though. :(

But if you have a PSP you can play online with Metal gear solid: Portable ops! :) And that's worldwide. :)

15-07-07, 09:09
Rising Force, Lineage 2.

15-07-07, 14:47

15-07-07, 14:50
Unreal Tournament 2004 (there's a demo version which features an online mode too). :D

Mad Tony
15-07-07, 14:59
Runescape. :D

15-07-07, 17:32

15-07-07, 17:39
I've tried playing online games, but could never figure them out.

No suggestions here.

15-07-07, 18:28
hmm sims online?? sounds interesting tell me more :D!

16-07-07, 03:05

Lineage 2.

That game is so broken =/

16-07-07, 15:53
Guild Wars can be fun sometimes.

16-07-07, 17:29
hmm sims online?? sounds interesting tell me more :D!

It's basically the same except when you own a house you can make a shop, club, skill house, or a money house. You can go to other peoples houses. You can have pets and a job. At your job you work with other people to do that job. To make money you use money objects and they each have there own skill for example Pinatas use body the higher your body skill is the more money you make per pinata you bash. Another way to make money is through your job and that has skills required so you can get promotions just like the regular sims. I'll add more if I can think of more stuff.

16-07-07, 18:14
tribal wars,thats quit a gd online game

16-07-07, 18:17
Silkroad Online (http://www.silkroadonline.net/SilkroadOnline.asp?e_View=1) is fun! :D

And Day Of Defeat, mwhah. :p

16-07-07, 20:04
i pre-ordered Spellforce, a new mmorpg.
looks much better than WoW graphic wise and focuses more on Magic i think..
Within Temptation made music for the game :)
it's said to become the biggest concurrent of WoW (and GuildWars).
i didn't like WoW much,i didn't even finish my free 10 day trail.
i was not impressed,i hope this will be more impressive.
i also orderd Guild Wars,i never tried it before but it looks nice and no fee wich is cool !!

17-07-07, 12:52
I can't believe no one has mentioned Counter-Strike! Gogogogogo :D

17-07-07, 14:14
I can't believe no one has mentioned Counter-Strike! Gogogogogo :D
Well Day Of Defeat is another Half-Life modification, like Counter-Strike, but much much better! :ton:

31-07-07, 09:48