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15-07-07, 12:11
Truely I think she may be one of the most misunderstood character ever!

Yes, I mean of course Ashley Graham of Resi 4


Although she is very easy to hate in-game what with her constant need for protection, inability to climb down ladders or jump from not-so-high ledges etc.

But apart from that she's not that bad (especially when you get the protective armor on the PS2. She's a joy to shoot :D)

Not that she's my favourite character, far from it. There are a lot of characters I like more*. But then again, there are a lot of characters I like less **.

Why do I do this? (Cos Im on a resident evil kick, thats why :p)

Drawn at 2 in the morning so don't be suprised by the awful-ness of it all :)

** If you count every Ganado individually

15-07-07, 12:23
I love your drawing style. It's a bit like anime. :D

Great work :tmb:

15-07-07, 12:32
Love your style. You people are really talented:)It has such a nice line. Oh, I drew the death shriekers I posted earlier around here at two in the morning.

15-07-07, 12:45
Awww tmh......It's bootyful :tmb: You know I love your drawings:D

15-07-07, 14:08
I love her hair!!!:jmp:

Alex Fly
15-07-07, 14:35
Beautiful drawing ! :tmb:

15-07-07, 18:00
It looks really great!:tmb:

16-07-07, 07:50
Great job :tmb:
Loving the shading.

16-07-07, 08:45
I think this is a great drawing. I think all of it is wonderful, except her head maybe. It seems a bit small compared to the rest of her. But I don't know this character, so perhaps she always has a small head. Apart from it looking a bit small to me you drew her face and hair and everything really well though.
I really don't mean this in a negative way, it's just some constructive critisism. I wanted to give it to you because you are obviously very good at drawing, and I hope it'll help you to get even better.
So keep drawing and show us more. :D :jmp:

16-07-07, 10:47
Thank for the replies everyone


Rynn: You're right. Looking at it again I see that the torso is a bit too big for her head :D But it was giving me a bit of bother anyway (I couldn't decide what to do with her arms so I put them behind her back, hence the broad shoulders :p) But thank you for your comment. Constructive critisism is always welcome :hug:

16-07-07, 10:54
I'm glad you didn't take it as an insult. :)
I personaly don't see anything wrong with her pose. I like the arms behind her back, it fits perfectly with her expression. :)