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15-07-07, 13:08
I've been to London for the past two weeks and one of the top things of my "to do" list was to go Hatfield and see Croft Manor. I was so overwhelmed by the experience. The mansion is beautiful. You can clearly see where Core drew their inspiration from when they created the first shots of the exterior. The corner where one could perform the corner bug is almost a replica of real life. The mazes and gardens are also beyond words. I was disappointed at the fact that one could not get close to the front of the house, since it is one of the private parts of the manor, but it does look like the shots from the movie. My biggest let down was the fact that the interior does not look like it does in core’s version, legend or in the movie. That was a studio they created! The games' interiors only used elements of the real thing. What a fan would spot is the black and white marble tiles (Tomb Raider 3), the wood work on the walls, the long gallery, and the library and there also is no kitchen (like the game). There also isn't a pool and obviously no training courses, but as a true Tomb Raider fan I could not withstand the urge to do a gymnastic routine in the section were the assault course should be. Got some weird looks LOL, but who cares. I would recommend any fan to go and see this mansion. It really is a moving experience.

tlr online
15-07-07, 13:08
Get any pics?

Dark Lugia 2
15-07-07, 13:16
Awsome, looks like you had a good time :D *wants to go* :p

Alex Fly
15-07-07, 13:44
Sounds amazing ! :)

Me want pics too ! :p

15-07-07, 14:14
I like that!!:tmb:

15-07-07, 14:38
Good for U, but was that the most interesting place for a visit? I'll be happy to see some photos from your trip too.

15-07-07, 17:30
I think it was Hatfield manor, not Croft manor.

That's so great. I wish I could go there.

Lara Croft!
15-07-07, 17:59
I sure will visit this place when I go to England!

15-07-07, 18:07
That's so cool!Good for you!;)

15-07-07, 18:12
Wow! :DI didnt know there was a real Croft Manor!!! I wanna go now!!! :jmp:

15-07-07, 18:31
I wanna go there! any pics ? :p

star girl
15-07-07, 18:32
That's AWESOME!! :eek: :tmb:

16-07-07, 06:57
i've got pics but how do I upload them?

16-07-07, 08:15
Ohhhhhhhh i have been there before its beautiful ill try to dig out my piccies hehe

17-07-07, 11:23
i've got pics but how do I upload them?
use http://imageshack.us/ :)

17-07-07, 11:28
^or photobucket.com, ************ =)

Wow, that's really awesome! Can't wait to see the pics =D I wanna go there too.

17-07-07, 11:57
Hold on a second, I didn't think it actually exsisted in real life...

Lara Forever
17-07-07, 13:03
I wanna try corner bug now by myself !!!
id dint knew it existed huh

17-07-07, 15:23
*Is incredibley jealous* Lucky Bugger :p

17-07-07, 16:09
I wonder what would happen if you kept jumping at the corner..


Other Tourists: "Where did they go?!"

Storm: "I'm up here!" {waves from roof top}


I suggest you use photobucket, and NOT imageshack. Imageshack is very slow and painstakingly annoying..

Tthe Spirit
17-07-07, 16:16
This is amazing...
Great experience, but i wish you had taken photos...

17-07-07, 18:08

24-07-14, 07:26
I suggest you use photobucket, and NOT imageshack. Imageshack is very slow and painstakingly annoying..

Photo bucket is good if you are using: Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android (2.0 or above). Do NOT use it on windows phone (seriously it takes about 10 mins attempting to copy and paste then you end up typing the URL yourself)


I never knew Core was inspired by an mansion :eek: that exists :yik:

LOL, when I visit England i gotta see this :D then when nobody is looking I will corner bug, then wave at everyone from the roof!

24-07-14, 07:54
This is the biggest bump I've ever witnessed

24-07-14, 07:57
A seven year bump! :yik:

24-07-14, 08:56
While this bump is here I may as well correct a little fact.

Core did not base Croft Manor on Hatfield House. It is the location that Paramount decided to make Croft Manor for the movie, five years after the original game. The myth goes that they based the original in game manor on their studio in Derby. But a while ago I was watching Keeping Up Appearances and found what I believe to be the original inspiration for the classic Croft Manor.


The manor is called Compton Wynyates and it's situated in Warwickshire. As you can see it's almost identical to the manor depicted in the opening FMV of Tomb Raider 1. The modeller of the FMV simplified the design down, but it's clearly the same estate.


They even have the painting of the horses seen in Lara's main hall in TR1.

24-07-14, 09:02
Nice find Boobandie

Those manors look a bit similar though.

24-07-14, 09:11
Nice find Boobandie

Those manors look a bit similar though.

isn't that the point?????

24-07-14, 09:18
Necromancy is frowned upon around here. Bumping old-ish threads are just fine but a 7 year gap? Really?


(But thanks, Boobandie, for at least trying to add something relevant to the topic. :p)