View Full Version : A small request for an artiiist.

15-07-07, 13:34
Hi Guys :wve:

I would like a nice new wallpaper for my PSP. I am hoping someone would make me a 960x544 Image with the following things.

I would like a picture of Lara from every TR Game (TR1,2,3,4,5 must be the lara from the FMV's) and AOD, Legend, Anniversary shall be from ingame cutscenes. Angelina Jolie and Karima Adebibe in their Lara Croft Outfits.

I would like those pictures to be put into one picture, all blurred into one another , for example, this picture. http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/7796/ashhdpartco9.jpg(as you see in this picture, the main background is a pink colour, I would like it to be Black in the picture)
Hopefully You will understand what i mean by "Blurred into one another".

And last but not least. A Logo, just the Tomb Raider Logo in Gold Colour in the top-middle of the picture.

If anyone can do this, I will be very greatful. Please make sure to upload to SendSpace or something in BMP format and please PM me the link.

Thanks again ! ^_^


15-07-07, 14:12
HA-ha, and what is it for me?!?!? :vlol::vlol:
I can do that, but what U'r paying!!
Time is money!!!!!!
If you have any specific offer send it to me.

15-07-07, 14:22
I hope that is a joke, I have seen people requesting signatures and avatars etc.. on the forum to be made out of the good-ness out of their hearts. I am 16 with no job, and even if I did, I wouldnt pay anyone, I would feel it would be a bit rude when I myself would never ask for money if someone asked me to do them a favour :wve:

Legend Killer
16-07-07, 10:58
If no one else gets to this I will see what I can do for you when I get a little time here :)

16-07-07, 11:50
I'll give it a try too if I find some time. I'll do my best to pic some pictures you like, but it would have been helpfull if you had posted some links to the ones you like. :D
Anyways, i'll get back to you if I manage to come up wiht something. :)

16-07-07, 13:57
Alright, Ill post some pics. (Obviously, some of them need to be resized smaller)

All of these pics are to only show her face and her boobs, no shots below her chest.

As you will see in the TRC Pic, The text is close to her face, make sure you remove the text ;)







If anyone can find also a picture of TRA Lara, Angelina Jolie Lara and Karima Adebibe Lara on a black background,that would be great.

Hope this helps


16-07-07, 14:17
Ah, these are useful. I had found some on black background from TR1 - 2 - AOD and anniversary. But I had picked completely different ones then you posted here. :D So these will come in handy.
I haven't found any yet of Karima or Angelina on a black background though.

EDIT: found two of Angelina, but her face is turned to the side each time. So I'm not sure if it's okay.

Legend Killer
16-07-07, 15:33
Thanks for the images :tmb:

Any preference as to the logo? Do you want the classic one or the one from anniversary without the word "anniversary" ?

16-07-07, 15:49
Well, I wouldnt mind the new GOLD Anniversary logo, just with Anniversary removed though.

Rynn, they're awesome! :tmb:

17-07-07, 14:45
Hi guys :wve:

Legend Killer has just sent me his/her version. Its brilliant. I have added new pics at the top. (Hope you dont mind me going that LK)

http://img523.imageshack.us/img523/4476/pspwallmm8.th.jpg (http://img523.imageshack.us/my.php?image=pspwallmm8.jpg)

Legend Killer
17-07-07, 16:19
Hi guys :wve:

Legend Killer has just sent me his/her version. Its brilliant. I have added new pics at the top. (Hope you dont mind me going that LK)

Not at all. It's yours to modify as you see fit ;)