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15-07-07, 16:29
Okay so for the summer holidays, I have been set a piece of art homework to do three different portraits of members of my family, all having to be drawn with different types creative of tools like water colours, oil pastels, paint etc. But one of the tasks is to draw a self portrait using only a pen and using the "cross-hatching" technique. Now I believe that I can work really well drawing in pen as I normally tend to do when I am bored, but I am not so skilled when it comes to tonal work with pens. I can do it by using the "light to dark" tonal method but I am no expert with cross hatching. Can someone give me any tips or methods and tell me how the technique works please? It would help me a lot :tmb:

15-07-07, 16:35
Perhaps this tutorial would help?


15-07-07, 16:37
I know the diagonal 1/2 crosshatching technique. I use it on the human body. You put down the first layer of lines from left to right at a 45 degree angel. Than the second layer to give it more depth to a certain point, same line but you draw it from right to left.
Here's a link which might help:)