View Full Version : Your own array of smileys!

Destroyer Op 89
15-07-07, 18:01
:D heya guys i came up with this silly idea to post,ive seen it before on how ppl make their custom smileys,but i wanted to get a lot of smileys done to show ya how funny it is trying to make the faces,you can post any smiley faces youve done with the refference pic of it close to it :) hope these make ya laugh :jmp:
this one is an original...more or less:p
this is the majority of the msn smileys:D
tell me what ya think:o:)

15-07-07, 18:15
LMAO, I loved impersonating smilies. I think yours are great ( and you look beautiful)

Destroyer Op 89
15-07-07, 18:20
aw hehe thanks!,i didnt think id look beautiful making all those smileys :p

15-07-07, 20:38
lol, nice idea and photogenic face :D :tmb:

15-07-07, 21:47
you're really good looking lol :D
and that's a lot like the msn smileys... great idea!!!

16-07-07, 04:14
Hehe, nice array of smilies :D You look pretty too! :p

Legend Killer
16-07-07, 11:00
:vlol: Great job on these! :tmb: