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I did this today to use on a layout for a website about my comic, I hope you like it. If you wish to know more about the comic, I'd be happy to share :D

*taken from a previous thread*

Basically it takes place around 300 years in the future. Earth has become a rather large superpower in the galaxy and the pilots (well the female is a pilot, the male is a Radar Intercept Officer, like 'Goose' in top gun lol) believe they are fighting for freedom and a just cause until they meet Grey (the character on the right) who is a member of a coaltion against Earth's authoritarianism and everything changes. They find out that a lot of the propaganda that they have been spoon fed on Earth is just a cover for a lot of terrible things the planet's leaders are responsible for.

There is another powerful alien race who controls a bit of the galaxy called the Azatoth that Earth claims to be evil and must be eliminated. In the story you will see how the conflict is viewed on both sides and sort of choose for yourself what side you are on. (if any...) The Alien on the furthest left is part of a race known as the Vareliens, they are an extremely old and sophisticated race that observes humans and other species that they deem too dangerous and unstable to interfere with.

What happens next is all part of the story There is a lot more to it than that, but that is a short summary of the main story.

Dark Lugia 2
16-07-07, 06:48
Your really telented! :D those drawings are too awsome not to be in a comic! :p :D could we see your comic website? :D

larson n natla
16-07-07, 06:59
GREAT !!!!!!! wow

i love your style AMAZINGly cool

16-07-07, 07:45
Looks Awesome :tmb:
Really impressed.

16-07-07, 08:56
Wow, beautiful drawings! I love comics, so I'm always interested to hear (or see) more about it. Also, make sure to post a link to your website when it's up! :)

16-07-07, 09:23
Looks amazing. You should really stick to making this comic. You have the hand for it:)

16-07-07, 09:32
Thats Awesome :)

16-07-07, 09:56
Wow they are amazing!

16-07-07, 10:13
Awesomness :d

16-07-07, 10:55
Amazing! :tmb:

Legend Killer
16-07-07, 10:55
Fantastic work holly_l! :tmb:

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Jin Uzuki
16-07-07, 13:26
You're EXTREMELY talented! I'm envious. :p If I remember correctly, the woman in the middle is some sort of pilot, correct? I think you've posted a thread about your comic in the past and provided a brief background about each of the characters. :) I'd be very much interested to take a look at your website, holly. Please do point us there. :cln:

16-07-07, 16:22
Your really telented! :D those drawings are too awsome not to be in a comic! :p :D could we see your comic website? :D

The website should be up in about a months time, I have a lot of content to add and I don't really like incomplete websites. ;)

As for the story, check out the first post, I edited it.

16-07-07, 16:44
I am in love with your drawing style!

16-07-07, 16:48
The plotline sounds great. I love the obsevationalist alien:D

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star girl
17-07-07, 23:59
Wonderful! :tmb: