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16-07-07, 11:41
Well, not my very best but than again what could I do more with printing paper. So, this is Forge, Porchia's partner in action. Her story: After aiding the american army in battles during The Gulf War, Forge was contacted by The Legion and offered a job as a "Scavenger bird", a unique posture within the association where the person in question is given the duty to dispose of unwanted evidence from criminals. She is also an expert in negotiations, having stopped numerous terrorist attacks at an international level.Her nickname 'Forge" was given by weapons dealers from around the world after leading a good number of them on a false lead straight into the hands of the authorities. She is an expert in explosives and is an active member of The Legion. Forge and Porchia met when they were asigned to interfere an illegal bomb shipment from the States to Iraq and placed on the same team.

16-07-07, 11:45
Amazing! :tmb:

Alex Fly
16-07-07, 11:48
Wow ! Excellent work ! :)

16-07-07, 11:49
that's great :tmb:

16-07-07, 12:06
Great character design!

Jin Uzuki
16-07-07, 12:22
I commend the character design and more so the character background! :tmb: :tmb: Having been introduced to Porchia first, I can't help but feel that Forge is her side-kick. It doesn't make sense, I know, but that's just how I feel. However, I have to say that Forge looks more appealing. Whereas Porchia kind of reminds me of Bacon Lara with the red catsuit, Forge reminds me more of Lara herself: long auburn (almost AoD-brown) tresses, and overall emergent spunk in her face and posture. ;) :tmb: More please!

17-07-07, 07:45
Looks awesome :tmb:
Great job.

18-07-07, 06:32
The picture isnt showing for me, sorry. Damn photobucket, its so annoying.