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16-07-07, 13:28
Okay so I made a post about cross hatching techniques yesterday and I looked at some of the websites you gusy gave me (thanks x 100000) and so i decided to draw some anime AND cross hatching for the first time ever last night using a ballpoint pen!!!
They're not up to scratch as I did them in like 15mins and they are supposed to be some of my friends from school in anime so just ignore the names at the bottom of the pics, i was talking to them on msn and they wanted me to draw them so I had to be quick:tmb:

http://i16.************/6cwtt03.jpg http://i13.************/4lihg68.jpg http://i16.************/6cosm0l.jpg http://i13.************/4z3xldw.jpg http://i19.************/534n4n5.jpg

Honest opinions please

16-07-07, 13:57
wow ur gd

Alex Fly
16-07-07, 14:32
They are great ! :)

16-07-07, 14:36
i'm not a fan of this kind of drawings, but i must admit that those are pretty damn good!!! :D

16-07-07, 14:37
They're sweet :) Well done.

16-07-07, 14:53
looks great. I see you master the crosshatching technique very well:)

17-07-07, 07:43
Reallt nice work :tmb:

17-07-07, 12:54
Very nice pics! :tmb: