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16-07-07, 17:33
I have had a horrbiel day today so i done a drawing to lighten up its a lot sketcher then my usual stuff coz i was too lazy to ink it or tidy it up


Alex Fly
16-07-07, 17:54
Amazing ! :)

16-07-07, 18:05
Nicely done. Makes me sad though.:o

16-07-07, 18:26
Nice work there :tmb: !!

16-07-07, 18:48
Wow!:yik:That's great!

16-07-07, 20:07
Kinda looks like Witchblade drawing style! :tmb:

Melonie Tomb Raider
16-07-07, 21:53
You've got amazing talent, no doubt. The only thing I think that needs changed is the overall placement of chest and stomach, they don't match each other. Either the stomach needs to be pointed downward like the chest, or the chest needs to be more sideways like the stomach.

Still, very good job. :tmb:

16-07-07, 23:05
Just Beautifull! :eek:

But I agree with Melonie about the chest and stomach. Little tweaking and it would be even more stunning :tmb:

16-07-07, 23:19
yer hehe i just noticed that opps lol !!!! Thanks guys yer i was feeli kinda sad today just watched the green mile

Melonie Tomb Raider
17-07-07, 00:16
Green Mile PWNS!

17-07-07, 01:18
:eek: Wow! I'm very impressed... Lots of emotion into the drawing. Makes it all the better. Good job :)

17-07-07, 07:39
Now thats awesome :tmb:
I really like the colours.