View Full Version : Rock of Love

16-07-07, 23:45
Does anyone else absolutely hate this show? I cannot friggin' stand it. It's a dumb rip-off of Flavor of Love. Even though I'm disgusted by Flavor Flav and how the girls were all over him, he was still funny and fun to watch. But, Bret Michaels is just terrible all around. First off, he looks like a woman who's turned into a man. Second, he's not funny like Flav. And third, he's dumb. And the best part of Flavor of Love were the girls, they were funny, hot and fun to watch. But, that's not the case with Rock of Love. These girls are dumb *****y bimbo trash. Not fun at all...

17-07-07, 01:23
Yeah, its rather boring and kind of annoying. I liked Flavor Of Love Alot more >.< What do you expect when you get a whole bunch of rock n roll groupies in there , they could never replace flava flavs girls :p

17-07-07, 01:30
i saw it tonight. the guy wants a girl who'll be with him on the long term. yet would like her to be open to having more than one female partner. his expectations are really high. good luck buddy. lol ;)