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17-07-07, 14:30
I just read this on a Finnish newspaper, and needless to say I was shocked beyond words. The article said that Lindemann would leave the band after the release of their next album and would be replaced by En Esch.

But then I found this on Wikipedia:


Lindemann's departure hoax

On July 16th 2007, blabbermouth.net posted an article about Till leaving Rammstein, and was to be replaced by former KMFDM (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KMFDM) frontman En Esch (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/En_Esch) following the release of the next Rammstein album. But on herzeleid.com (http://herzeleid.com/en/news) , this article was posted:

"It has not been confirmed that Rammstein's management actually sent out a press release. It seems all of this may have started on Blabbermouth and everyone is getting their information from them or other sources that also got their information from them. If this were a real press release (which strangely cannot be found on either Pilgrim-management.de or Rammstein.de), you would expect at least one major German news source to have picked up on the news as well. But none have. This seems to be a hoax and in fact, Blabbermouth has now pulled the story."

Blabbermouth.net did indeed retract the story, and no further mention of Lindemann's departure has been made.


So what's going on here? :confused:

17-07-07, 17:04
I hope it's just a rumour. Strange. O.o

I don't think my little sis will be pleased to hear about this. <.<

Lara's Boy
17-07-07, 17:40
Well, I am not a big fan of Rammstein, but I do like listening to their music...I personally don't think they'd sound the same, so I hope that he isn't leaving/being replaced.

Besides...I'd have to listen to my little brother complain about it to no end, and no one wants that mess!

BTW, nice avatar Kam :)

17-07-07, 17:47
one word:

17-07-07, 20:27
ultimate guitar says that hes left..

17-07-07, 20:57
I think the only thing to do now is to wait for an official word :(

17-07-07, 21:03
I sure hope that's a hoax. Rammstein would just not be the same without him.

SpongeBob Lover
17-07-07, 22:02
that sucks im hoping its a rumor

18-07-07, 21:17
Update: The management (http://www.thegauntlet.com/article/307/9410/Rammstein.html) and En Esch (http://www.slickidiot.com/home.htm) have both confirmed that this is untrue!

(source: herzeleid.com)

Phew. I got so scared since I originally read it from a newspaper, not some random website.

19-07-07, 02:47
Thank god. Gotta love Rammstein. Let me see you stripped...:cln:

Mona Sax
19-07-07, 09:40
That's good to hear. While I wouldn't consider myself a fan, I do enjoy listening to their music a great deal. Till actually leaving would've been a serious blow to the band.

19-07-07, 11:21
Let me see you stripped...:cln:

That song is awful. With all due respect to mister Lindemann, he should not attempt to sing in English :p