View Full Version : Lord of the Rings in Theatre - Help!

17-07-07, 17:06
Ok, the summer holidays are coming closer by the minute and I plan to go to the London Theatre to watch the world's most expensive musical in history - Lord of the Rings! :D My friend told me that the reviews say it's crap and not worth the money, but I've had a look at some theatre footage and I think it looks awesome.

But I have a question to ask for those who have been in the London theatre. The cheapest tickets are 15, which allows you to sit at the 'balcony' area. But apparently you have to lean foward, and I'm not spending 3 and a half hours doing that! There are other places on the balcony where we can sit comfortably, which cost 20 to 27.50.

We're not sure how many people we're taking yet. All I want to ask is whether the balcony seats are still good, or if I should go for the other seats. Last time I went to the London theatre I managed to get a decent seat at the Upper Circle. I thought I had the highest seat, but when I looked behind myself there were more people! Made me wonder how they managed to get a good view...

17-07-07, 17:22
First off- ignore any bad reviews, this show is possibly one of the most amazing shows on stage, ever.

I went at the end of May, and sat just beneath the balcony - and still got an excellent view of the whole stage.
Albeit, I couldn't make out the finer details in the actors faces, but that actually helped put the film-actors faces on them in my mind ;)
Plus it's much more about the action, effects, and story rather than seeing their facial expressions!

One word though - the reviewers were reviewing in the mind that it's a Musical.
To tell the truth, I had no idea it was a musical until after the performance! There's not many songs in it, though the music is pretty constant, and very beautiful. Perhaps going as I did thinking it's just a play might prevent any disappointment (as seemed to be expressed in some reviews) ?

It's worth the price of the ticket to witness the Balrog encounter imo, just to see the unbelievable happen infront, around, and above you throughout the theatre at that point.
There's an interval after that part, and for about the first minute of that interval I was left in my seat, utterly gobsmacked, breathless, speechless and stunned.

Wish I could see it again.